The Pryor Times

April 22, 2014

Mock wreck meant to teach better judgment

Staff Writer
Cydney Baron

PRYOR, OK — It happens all too often; an intoxicated teen gets behind the wheel of a car.

Feeling invincible he attempts to drive home. He turns to laugh with his friend in the passenger seat, and in an instant has struck an oncoming vehicle head on.

He’s drunk, his sense are dulled, and he couldn’t have stopped if he wanted to. Soon, the scene is flooded with red and blue flashing lights and the wailing of sirens pierce the air. One by one, emergency responders arrive on a scene all too familiar.

The mock wreck simulation at Salina High School Friday was meant to give students a glimpse at the real-life possibility. The drunk driver and his passenger, as well as two individuals in another car, were played by student actors.

The drunk driver, who put his friends’ fate in his hands, was given a field sobriety test before being placed in handcuffs in the back of a Salina Police car. His passenger, who just wanted a ride home, was transported my Mayes Emergency Service Trust Authority in critical condition.

In the other vehicle, the driver was transported by a Life Flight helicopter, while his passenger was pronounced dead at the scene. The deceased was pulled from the vehicle and taken away by Stephens Funeral Home.

Salina Fire Department worked the wreck, prying cars apart and removing individuals from the wreckage.

Oklahoma Highway Patrol troopers assisted and closed the demonstration with a word of caution to the students.