The Pryor Times

April 15, 2014

Seeing double at Jefferson; five times

Staff Writer
Cydney Baron

PRYOR, OK — Pryor's Jefferson Elementary School has five sets of twins.

These students talked about what life is like for a twin.

Brianna and Arwen Schievelbein are 12 years old and in sixth grade. Brianna is in Michelle Hill's class and Arwen is in Margaret McQuaig's class.

“My favorite part of being a twin is that she looks like me,” Arwen said. “The part I don't like is that people call me Brianna.”

“I don't have to look in the mirror to know what I look like,” Brianna said, describing her favorite part of having a twin sister. “I don't like that we never get to be in the same class.”

Both girls said yes, their teachers sometimes get confused over who is who. And the girls admitted they sometimes trick people into thinking they're the other twin.

Both girls said their twin is their best friend “sometimes.”

Nine-year-old Denver and Dakota Williams are sometimes thinking the same thing. That's what Denver, in Jennifer Murray's second grade class, said is her favorite thing about being a twin.

Dakota’s favorite part is that “she's always there for me.”

Dakota is in Jill Stanley's second grade class.

There's nothing the Williams kids don't like about being a twin.

Denver said she and Dakota have tricked their friends, other sisters and parents into thinking they're the other twin.

“She likes spicy food. I'm allergic to it,” said Dakota. “I don't like mushrooms, she's OK with them.”

“She doesn't like mushrooms and I do,” Denver said.

Both agreed on liking the cartoon “Lab Rats.”

Grace and Abigail Simmons are nine years old and in Summer Vance and Becky Cottom's fourth grade classes, respectively.

These girls enjoy trickery.

“My favorite thing about being a twin is that you can confuse people about who is who,” Grace said.

Abigail said her favorite part is simply, “I get to trick people.”

The girls agreed on their least favorite part — people expect them to like the exact same things.

These sisters said they are best friends, but  are quick to say their tastes are not identical.

“For example, my twin's favorite color is green and mine is blue,” said Grace.

Brothers Drew and Joel Dunham are double trouble. The boys are nine years old and in fourth grade.

The more mischievous brother, Drew, said his favorite part about being a twin is, “since I'm the oldest, I can pick on my little brother.”

Drew beat out his brother for oldest by 10 minutes.

“There's someone to help you if you forget your homework or something,” Joel said.

The boys are both in Cottom's class and said teachers sometimes confuse them.

“What I don't like about being a twin is that if you call your twin ugly, you'll be calling yourself ugly,” said Drew.

“What I don't like about being a twin is that they can tell something embarrassing about you,” said Joel.

Drew said he's tried tricking people into thinking he's Joel, but “it didn't work.”

“Sometimes we try. Sometimes it works, and sometimes it doesn't,” said Joel.

Do they like all the same things? Not even close, the boys said.

Kierston and Kirsten Hopkins are nine years old.

“My favorite thing about having a twin is that they know what you like,” Kierston said.

Kirsten's favorite part is that “no one can tell us a part.”

When it came to their least favorite part, one said her twin was spoiled while the other said her twin is confusing. They said people get confused on who is who, but that they don't try to trick people. These sisters have different personalities and pet peeves, but they're still best friends.