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March 8, 2014

PJHS Teacher of the Year

PRYOR, OK — Pryor Times

Coming from a long line of folks with a strong work ethic and sense of purpose is Pryor Junior High Teacher of the Year, Eric Lunk .

Lunk teaches seventh and eighth-grade math, but is proud to tell his family history.

He is the youngest of three children born in Wisconsin, but moved to Pryor when he was six. Lunk is also the father of three, living on a small farm northeast of Adair.

“My mother (Kathy Lunk) is from Wisconsin. My father (Johannes Lunk) was born in east Prussia (a province of Germany) at the onset of World War II in 1938,” Lunk said. “The stories of his family's narrow escapes from the Russian army and communist East Germany have left me with a deep understanding that I am on this earth for a purpose.”

His family, he said, brought nothing with them to this country except their work ethic.

That work ethic, he said, has been handed down each generation.

“I hope it is never lost. Many people live in this country their whole lives but never realize how great their opportunities are in the land of the free and the home of the brave,” Lunk said.

Lunk’s teaching philosophy is to engage every student in lecture and notes.

“I do this by randomly calling on every student during the course of the lesson discussion and by making their notes a significant part of their grade,” Lunk said. “I believe every student should be ready to answer the next question, while being cautious not to expose the inabilities of the students who struggle.”

Lunk said if students are clued-in during presentation, learning will take place.

“I know real success is how far they advance while under my instruction,” said Lunk.

Lunk graduated Magna Cum Laude from Northeastern State University where he obtained a bachelor’s degree with a major in math and a minor in teaching.

Now, Lunk says, “I can honestly tell people that I enjoy my career.”