The Pryor Times

May 6, 2014

Students get pen pals

Staff Writer
Cydney Baron

PRYOR, OK — Some Lincoln Elementary students have been in a Hawaii state of mind all school year.

Patty Davis' first grade class has been writing to their pen pals in sunny Hawaii for the better part of the year. The idea came from Davis' student teacher, Melissa Bendure, a student at Cameron University.

“I have a grandson in Hawaii who lives with his parents, Leslie and Norman Scroggins, who are both Chouteau graduates. My son-in-law is in the army and is stationed there,” said Bendure, of the inspiration for the project. “I thought it would be a good thing for the students to be able to write to my grandson's class. My daughter asked his reading teacher if she was interested. Julia Chong of Pearl Harbor Kai Elementary School, accepted the challenge.”

From there the students wrote letters introducing themselves, and describing Lincoln Elementary.

“They drew pictures for their new friends that included maps of the classroom. We took pictures of our school's classrooms, hallways and playground. We put them all in a photo album and sent them to Hawaii,” said Bendure, adding that Chong's class did the same.

Students were paired up according to similar interests.

“Our students loved getting letters from Hawaii. The students noticed some things that are different such as classroom doors that open into a courtyard rather than a hallway, plenty of palm trees, and students wearing uniforms,” said Bendure. “Some items in the picture looked familiar like whiteboard, library, and mailbox charts.”

Lincoln students have taken the opportunity to bone up on Hawaii, reviewing maps and pictures of where their new pals are from.