The Pryor Times

February 9, 2014

Jefferson Elementary receives a $2,000 grant

Staff Writer
Cydney Baron

PRYOR, OK — “Jefferson has been awarded a grant from the Oklahoma Association of Elementary School Principals that will allow us to purchase several Nexus 7's handheld devices for use at the school,” said Principal Linda Tincher. “Our vision is for our halls and new raised garden areas to be filled with student videos and creations that can easily be accessed via QR Codes. Students will be able to lead visitors through the building and and allow them to access these videos with the Nexus 7's. Students will also use the devices to create videos, access Skype remotely, and to become contributors to our social network sites like Facebook and Twitter.”

The school has begun using QR codes this year as part of their technology initiative.

“QR Codes are the black squares that are scanned with a scanning app. They lead directly to a website or presentation of some kind. Our students are starting to use them to lead to book talks, PowerPoints, and videos they are making about different topics. This is something that is in the beginning stages, but we hope by the end of the year it has grown,” said Tincher. “We are hoping to have the hallways and our new raised gardens full of QR codes that lead to useful information and projects the students have done about the things they are learning.”

The school has also used Skype to communicate with other schools across the nation participating in the Leader in Me program.

The school also has an active Facebook page and Twitter account.

“I would just like to say how proud I am of the Jefferson Staff and Mrs. Tincher for their creative thinking and efforts to help our students continue to grow and achieve,” said Pryor Public School Superintendent Don Raleigh.