The Pryor Times


April 24, 2014

Tests interrupted by computer glitch

PRYOR, OK — A computer glitch caused problems in state-mandated testing across many school districts Monday.

“All sixth through eighth-grade students and high school students taking end of instruction tests were kicked out of the system,” said Chouteau Public School Superintendent Kenny Mason. “We had to reschedule everything and began again Tuesday.”

As of Tuesday afternoon, Mason said the school had not experienced any additional program malfunctions.

“We had an issue at the junior high,” said Pryor Public School Superintendent Don Raleigh, who reported several interruptions to the testing.

On the east side of the county, Superintendent David Cash said 50 middle school students and 50 high school students in Locust Grove had their testing interrupted as well.

The testing interruption occurred Monday, but representatives of the testing company CBT/McGraw Hill says the problem was resolved in time for testing to resume on Tuesday.

Superintendents expressed frustration over the glitch, saying the students were mentally ready to begin testing and that the glitch added unnecessary stress to both students and staff.

State mandated tests for elementary school students were not interrupted as those tests are not computerized.

The state of Oklahoma reportedly pays CTB/McGraw Hill $7.2 million for middle school tests and $6.2 million for high school tests. Many reports say the testing company performed a test run prior to the official testing Monday and at that time the system had no issues.

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