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May 27, 2014

Area reading scores by school district

PRYOR, OK — Pryor Times

The Oklahoma Department of Education has posted the scores, by county, of the third grade reading proficiency test.

Adair School District had a proficiency count of 63, or 82.9 percent, with a total of 76 students taking the test.

Chouteau-Mazie School District had a total of 78 third grade students take the test. They had an unsatisfactory count of 18, or 23.1 percent, a limited knowledge count of 12, or 15.4 percent and a proficient count of 44, or 56.4 percent.

Ninety-three students tested in Inola, with an unsatisfactory count of 13,14 percent and a limited knowledge count of 18, 19.4 percent. Inola had a proficient count of 58, or 62.4 percent.

Locust Grove tested 115 third grade students and had an unsatisfactory count of 19, 16.5 percent, and a limited knowledge count of 18.3 percent. Locust's proficient count was 73, 63.5 percent.

Osage tested 18, with a resulting 13 proficient count, or 72.2 percent.

Of Pryor's 164 tested, the unsatisfactory count was 25, or 15.2 percent. The limited knowledge count was 28, or 17.1 percent. The proficient count was 109, or 66.5 percent.

Salina tested 56,with a proficient count of 45, or 80.4 percent.

Statewide, Crutcho School District had the highest percentage of unsatisfactory scores at 57.9 percent. The highest percentage of proficient went to Ripley at 96.9 percent, they tested 38 and 32 students respectively.

According to State Superintendent Janet Barresi, the purpose of the Reading Sufficiency Act is to ensure “that all Oklahoma students are reading on grade level at the end of third grade.”

According to Barresi, “Reading sufficiency significantly reduces the possible need for remediation in middle and high school and lowers the risk of a student dropping out of school because he/she is unable to read.”

The Oklahoma Dept. of Education provides an outline for parents on what skills a  child considered proficient will have, according to the test.

Proficient third grade students will be able to: utilize structural analysis, in combination with contest clues and introductory resources to determine the meaning of new words and multiple meanings of words, make obvious inferences, draw conclusions, organize, classify, and compare/contrast, identify and summarize major elements of story structure such as plot, setting and characters and are able to make logical predictions based on text information, analyze cause, motivations, sequences and results, recognize relationships in narrative and expository text, recognize characteristics of literary genres, identify simple figurative language in a passage, and determine and/or summarize the central purpose, main idea, theme and important details.

Students scoring as “limited knowledge,” according to the OK Dept. of Ed. website, “demonstrate partial mastery of the essential knowledge and skills appropriate to their grade level. Students scoring at this level are inconsistent in demonstrating the proficient level competencies and typically demonstrate reading skills within more explicit and concrete texts.”

An unsatisfactory score means students have not “performed at least at the limited knowledge level.”

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