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May 13, 2014

PAEF grants awarded

PRYOR, OK — Pryor Times

The Pryor Academic Excellence Foundation awarded grants to Pryor High School totaling $18,465.06. Descriptions of some of the grants and amounts follow.

Grant #2: Project Headphones for $148.80

Jennifer Wilson

This grant will provide headphones for my students. The lack of headphones handicaps their ability to use classroom technology because, without headphones, the volume has to be turned down very low or even muted so other students are not disrupted.

Grant #3: Flipping the Classroom for $390.39

Susan Rice

Flipping the Classroom is an innovative approach to classroom instruction that involves videotaping lessons for students to watch. Student homework would involve retrieving the video via the Internet, watching the instruction at home, and then going to school and doing assigned work in the classroom. This allows the teacher to provide hands on instruction in the application of the learning. This grant will provide the equipment to check out from the library to experiment with this teaching model and would incorporate the use of Google Chromebooks and other digital devices such as phones and tablets the students might own.

Grant #5: Walking on Water, Well Cornstarch and Water for $383.00

Pam Devers

This grant will provide students with the opportunity to walk quickly across a Non-Newtonian Fluid made up of cornstarch and water. It will also provide a way to replenish materials for next year.

Grant #7: Let’s Fly Away II for $302.08

Pam Devers

This grant will provide funds for a dozen rocket kits and engines. The rockets will be built and launched with a class of students.

A grant awarded at Pryor Junior High is described as follows:

Grant #17: Lessons from the Dust Bowl for $732.10

Jonna Grossman and Bobbie Morgan

This project would update a unit that we teach in the fall about the Dust Bowl. The project is a Novel Unit written by Karen Hesse and depicts an Oklahoma family and their hardships throughout the Dust Bowl era. The students will read the unit while doing extra research activities that will help them identify with the victims of the Dust Bowl and Depression.

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