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February 28, 2012

Ludden’s children are a mystery

Q: Betty White received a lot of attention for her 90th birthday in January. She was married to Allen Ludden until he died. Ludden was previously married and had several children. What became of them? -- K.J.H., Owosso, Mich.

A: Allen Ludden and his first wife, Margaret McGloin, were married in October 1943. They remained together until her death from cancer in October 1961. They had three children: David, Martha and Sarah. I have not been able to find any details about them. Perhaps a reader knows and will share the information?

  Ludden and Betty White married in June 1963. They were married until his death in June 1981.

Q: The amount of the national debt is staggering -- beyond my comprehension. How much is it per person? -- J.C., Stowe, Vt.

A: According to Jill Schlesinger of CBS MoneyWatch, the United States national debt is $15.3 trillion, which amounts to $49,030 per every man, woman and child in the country, or $135,773 per taxpayer.

Q: What has happened to the three young men who played the sons of Tim Allen in the TV series "Home Improvement"? -- M.R. Robinson, Ill.

    A: "Home Improvement" was an incredibly popular TV series that ran from 1991 to 1999. It starred Tim Allen and Patricia Richardson.

Zachery Ty Bryan (born October 1981) has maintained an active television career, primarily in guest roles. In addition to Zach's on-screen presence, he writes and co-owns the popular Hollywood bar Big Wangs.

Jonathan Taylor Thomas (born September 1981), who played middle son Randy Taylor, was the heartthrob of the show. He left "Home Improvement" in the seventh season to pursue his education. JTT graduated from Columbia University in 2010.

Taran Noah Smith (born April 1984) played the youngest of the three Taylor children, Marcus "Mark" Jason Taylor. In a 2001 interview, Smith said, "When I was 16, I knew that I didn't want to act anymore." In 2001, at the age of 17, he married Heidi Van Pelt, who was 16 years his senior. In 2005, he and Van Pelt formed a California-based nondairy cheese manufacturer and restaurant, Playfood, which specialized in vegan and organic foods. The couple divorced in 2007. After a protracted legal battle after their divorce Smith took control of the company.     

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