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October 26, 2013

Statesmen, not politicians

PRYOR, OK — There are a lot of politicians out there, but not many statesmen who will put the country first.

So vested in keeping their jobs, the politicians have lost sight of the big picture. They are more focused on staying true to their party line than what is best for America.

As someone who has never before held office, it is difficult to watch what is happening in our country today at the hands of politicians.

The President attempted to overhaul the health care system in his signature piece of legislation. While it is clear the law is not ready, he is not interested in delaying its implementation. Nor has there been any attempt made to offset spending in order to pay for its cautiously optimistic price tag of $1.4 trillion over 10 years.

Government spends far more than we take in. Attempts to cut spending have been met with criticism from many who have grown accustom to living off of the government.  Pursuing a balanced budget and any amount of fiscal restraint is now considered an “ideological point” by the President.

The discussion of hitting our nation’s debt ceiling surfaces time and again, where we face the issue of the federal government running out of borrowed money to pay for what has already been spent. At such a point, the President pushes for the government to borrow even more money to pay our bills.

My life experiences are from the business world, where we could not operate under these rules or we would be broke. In the business world, long before any shutdown of our companies, we would be at a negotiating table hashing out our differences in order to bring about a sensible resolution.

In the current crisis, the White House and Senate refused to negotiate with the House; yet the reality is all three must work together.

I am quite certain that if we let the nation’s small business owners come to Washington, D.C. and hash out our country’s differences, they would resolve these issues. In business, none of us come to the table expecting to get all of our demands met. We know that is not realistic. The politicians cannot seem to grasp that fact.

A strict adherence to political ideology is clouding the judgment of politicians so they cannot see how to put their party politics and party loyalty aside and instead make the best decisions for our country.

I am fortunate in the way the lines of Oklahoma’s Second District were drawn. This district is not dominated by any one party and I am certainly not beholden to any party. I have the privilege of representing the values of this district – not of any party.

Those values include freedom, faith, family, hard work and the entrepreneurial spirit.

The Oklahoma statesman, Will Rogers, said this country needs more working men, and fewer politicians.

And, as usual, Will Rogers was exactly right.

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