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December 6, 2013

Facts about Delaware and Mayes Counties

PRYOR, OK — House District 5, which is my legislative district, is located entirely within the counties of Mayes and Delaware in northeast Oklahoma. Here are some interesting facts about those counties and how they compare.

The population of the counties is almost equal with the most recent census showing 41,441 residents in Delaware County and 41,148 in Mayes County.

The median personal income for Delaware County is $35,936, and for Mayes County, it is $32,487. This may be related to the fact that in Delaware County 17 percent of adults have less than a high school education, while in Mayes County that number is 21 percent.

The educational difference between the two counties may also account for the fact that in Mayes County 29 percent of adults smoke, compared to only 25 percent in Delaware County. The rate of adult obesity is 35 percent in Mayes and 31 percent in Delaware County.

Where do people in my legislative district work? In Delaware County, the top three employment sectors are retail, healthcare and education, in that order. In Mayes County, they are manufacturing, education and retail, probably reflecting the economic impact of the Pryor Industrial Park and the businesses therein. Unlike the majority of Oklahoma, farming is not a major employer in our area with only 9 percent of adults in Delaware County and 13 percent in Mayes County working in this sector.

Delaware County has the older population with 17 percent of residents over 65, compared to 12 percent in Mayes County. The percentage of residents without health insurance is about the same for both counties at 26.5 percent.   

Of all 77 Oklahoma counties, Mayes County is rated the 73rd healthiest county, compared to Delaware County’s rating of 40th. This is probably a reflection of the higher smoking and obesity rates in Mayes County, as these are the number one cause of preventable illnesses in our state.

Statistics show that we are lagging behind the rest of the state in stressing attainment of education levels.  Just 15 percent of Delaware county residents have a bachelor’s or higher degree. The number for Mayes County is 13 percent, but both counties are too far below the state number of 23 percent with bachelor’s degrees or higher.

Hispanics make up 3 percent of the population of our counties, compared to 9 percent in the state. Native Americans compose 22 percent of the Delaware and Mayes County populations, and 7 percent of Oklahoma. Blacks make up less than 1 percent of our counties, compared to 7 percent of the state.

Statistics are fascinating and one can make many assumptions, right or wrong, from them. I hope you enjoyed learning a little about the area in which we live.

It is a honor to serve as your state

representative. I can be reached at or 405-557-7415.

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