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September 8, 2013

Blame it on the grandparents

Somehow Grandparent's Day sneaks up on me every year.

Every other day of the year, people blame their parents and grandparents for their problems and the way their lives turned out. So, in honor of Grandparent's Day, I thought I would jump on that bandwagon and blame my grandparents for the way I turned out.

It is entirely my grandpa's fault that I know every word to the theme songs for Walker Texas Ranger and Bonanza. It is also his fault that I can shoot a gun and reload my own ammunition and operate power tools.

My love and respect for words, that's all him too. Growing up, I would sit in the floor at his feet and beg him to tell me stories, and darn him, he never told me no. Insisting I grow up with a basic grasp of the English language and a slightly above average vocabulary, we played the “dictionary game” together.

He instilled in me the mantra, “This too shall pass,” leaving me no choice but to enjoy the good things in life and keep my chin up through the bad.

My grandma is not entirely innocent either. She instilled in me the desire to take pride in myself, my family and my home. Now, I can never be one of those people going to job interviews in fuzzy pajama pants and tube tops.

I enjoy hosting family holidays at my home. At Thanksgiving, we gather around the table that is set with the dishes she gave me, and eat turkey and pumpkin pie that she taught me to make. To this day, she tells me to be thankful for dirty dishes because it means you have food to eat and family to feed.

She taught me to be a hostess, making people feel welcome, comfortable and treasured in my home. Now, it is entirely her fault my family loves coming over to spend time with me. She is to blame for every ounce of compassion and nurturing instinct I have.

Because of the two of them, I will never be on the Jerry Springer show. Watching them taught me that being married to your true love sometimes takes work, but should never feel like work. As if that wasn't enough, they taught me to balance a checkbook, take responsibility for my own actions and think before I speak. Think of all the fun I'm missing out on because of them!

There's no doubt they are entirely to blame for how I turned out.

On this one day of the year I'm supposed to put aside the blame and thank them for their role in my life? So, grandparents, I thank you for teaching me that “being bored means you are too lazy or too stupid to entertain yourself.”

Thank you for teaching me the values of your generation rather than mine.

Thank you for never letting me slam the door or sneak out after curfew.

Thank you for making me have dinner at home with you every night no matter what my friends were doing.

Thank you for making me earn things when you could have just given them to me.


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