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May 18, 2013

Letter to the Editor: Educator bids farewell

Dear Editor,

I did not think that after 22 years this would be the way I would leave Locust Grove Schools, but, alas it is.

The superintendent came by my office on a Tuesday after the board meeting to inform me that the school board wished to make a change, so I was out and Joel Green was in. It would have been nice if he had informed me ahead of time so I could at least be prepared, but he came by after. I guess I could not run to the board and plead my case that way.

What bothers me is that I have known some of the board members since they were in high school and a couple of others for most of the 22 years I have been employed and none of the board members bothered to tell me that they did not need me any longer. Oh well, I guess 22 years is a long time to stay at one school. I have seen many superintendents come and go and many principals come and go, so I guess it was my turn.

I wish to write of my appreciation to the people of the Locust Grove School community for the time that they spent with me. They also kept me from getting fired a few years earlier with some timely letters and phone calls to various board members. I do know what you did for Debbie and me, and we do thank you. Also, I would like to thank Shirley and Carl Cowan for inviting me to a fish fry to help save my job on another occasion. Thank you for helping me stay this long.

While at the high school, I sometimes needed a place to go to have some peace and quiet and I always chose our Ag. Department. Mr. Cunningham would allow me to observe and I always saw learning taking place and some very good kids learning some very important skills. When Wendell Wolf came on board it was even better for me, because he is such a great guy to work with and he is another teacher who always had learning taking place inside his classroom. Thank you Joe Bob and Wendell.

Of course I had great help from Trixie, Belinda, and Norma while at the high school. Without them I would have self-destructed on many occasions. When I moved to the Special Services Department, there was Chris to get me through so many rough spots. Then Connie Ingram came along, and I know that without her there to guide me there would have been more than one lawsuit filed against the department. Thank you so much for all the help. Joel better treat you right if he knows what is good for him.

Speaking of Special Services, I know that without DeAnna Ball I would have been so lost and would have run away screaming. She was such a a help to me that it is hard to express. Thank you, DeAnna, so much!

In closing I need to kind of quote two people. Richard Nixon: You will not have Steve Tyner to kick around any more. You win, I quit.

Douglas MacArthur: Old educators never die they just fade away. I am now fading and I just hope that I actually did some good in the 22 years I spent in Locust Grove. It was very good for me.

Steve Tyner

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