The Pryor Times

April 27, 2013

Letter to the Editor: Abortion laws

The Pryor Times

— Dear Editor,

Speaking as a registered nurse, I would like to draw your attention to a point of law related to an issue under discussion and in debate across our nation.

Legislators at all levels and many faith-based groups are attempting to rule on the issues of abortion. The point being neglected in the discussions is the fact that only medical doctors are the sole agency who can announce life at the time of birth and pronounce death at the end of life.

A physician’s work and signature are require for both these events. Specifically, the questions surrounding the beginning of life being posed by any other than the physician verges on practicing medicine without a license.

We are a nation of laws. Individuals who want to be elected to the law-generating part of our government, Congress, can logically be expected to obey our laws.

They cannot practice medicine unless they are in fact a doctor of medicine as well as a legislator. This cannot be more than a handful of individuals, and certainly are not banded together in a forum or panel of medical experts delivering their professional medical opinions.

The faith-based groups weighing in on the issues of abortion are also not accepted panels of medical experts rendering expert medical opinions on the issues of abortion.

I am offering no solutions to the dilemna of when life begins and ends. That is for the doctors and needs to be left to the doctors. Best of luck to them on this, to all the souls they bring into this world, and to all the souls to which they bid farewell.

Jo. C. Thomason