The Pryor Times

October 5, 2013

Letter to the Editor: Chouteau-Mazie Schools

PRYOR, OK — Dear Editor,

Unless the Good Lord has another plan, I’m on a path to be a parent of Chouteau-Mazie Schools students for the next 17 years. Yes … 17. It’s going to take that long to get all of my brood from diapers to diplomas. However, if all goes as planned, the time will come – on some magical May night many moons from now – when my youngest can throw her mortar board into the air with her Wildcat classmates. Then I will no longer be a parent of students, but rather a parent of three Chouteau grads, the husband of another and a friend and relative of many more.

So there is no question that I support this school system today and plan to for as long as I am allowed. Though I never walked its halls myself, I am investing my most valuable possessions – my offspring – into Chouteau-Mazie Schools. So today, with Daughter Number One closing in on her final year-and-a-half of high school and Daughter Number Two just getting started (and yet Daughter Number Three still a few years away from her start …. sigh) I can tell you I understand the tremendous importance of a “YES” vote on the October 8 bond issue.

I have all kinds of reasons for “YES.” After all I want my children to attend school in good facilities, with ample space, proper security and the best environment possible for their education. And after having kids in school here for over a decade now, and getting to know this community, I want the same thing for every other student too.

Yes, my taxes will go up some, but if I was spending that same money directly on my own kids – for tutoring, school supplies, learning resources – I’d make a monetary investment that might equal the same amount, especially if I knew it would benefit their education. Most others would do the same thing. So why not join together and help all these students, all together, right now by voting  “YES.”

From my own experiences since this school year began, I can tell you there is a new attitude, new atmosphere and new energy in the air these days. School spirit is on the rise, students are excited and good things are bubbling to the surface at every turn. Plus, the student population is growing (we need more space) and eyes are looking towards Chouteau.

Momentum is building and the motor is revving, but the things provided for in the bond issue would put it all in gear. When that happens, we can all share in the success of our students – our kids, our grandkids, our neighbors’ kids – and watch as they take advantage of new opportunities right here in the community we call “home”.

Let’s all vote “YES” and watch it happen.

Justin Alberty