The Pryor Times


March 4, 2012

Letters to the editor

Dear Editor,

On Feb. 27, I went to the Mayes County Democrats meeting.

A number of candidates running for Mayes County offices introduced themselves and gave a run down of their qualifications.

When the floor was opened for questions, I asked sheriff candidate Tommy Parker about the problem and issues I have in my neighborhood with drug trafficking. I told him I called and visited the sheriff and his officers on numerous occasions. I video taped the activity. There was a stolen car hidden behind their barn. It took the sheriff’s department 90 days after I called in the tag and VIN number before the sheriff’s office came to pick up the stolen car.  There was never anything done in charging the neighbors or even holding them accountable for possession of stolen property.

Parker assured me if I come to him with that kind of evidence, he will aggressively take care of it with every means he has available.

Sheriff Frank Cantey interrupted and asked if he could address my question.

Cantey started to make all kinds of reasons why he did not take care of the problems. Then he turned to one of his deputies, Allen Davis, to address the issues. Deputy Davis said that I was just a nosey neighbor.

I have lived in my home for 33 years. My neighbor’s house is only 150 feet from my bedroom window. When you find out that your new neighbor is a felon, with a long list of charges from possession of controlled drugs and paraphernalia to child endangerment and the felon is shooting off rifles (which felons cannot have), loud fights in the yard at night, screaming and yelling, cars peeling out late at night, traffic coming and going at all hours and on the weekends, you complain.

And when I complain, they pass me off as a nosey neighbor.

This is the way the Sheriff’s Department has treated me all along.

The felons and drug traffickers get more protection than me.

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