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June 16, 2012

Letters to the Editor

To the Citizens of Mayes County,

I would like to thank you for allowing me to serve as your sheriff. It has been the most rewarding thing I have ever done. It has been a pleasure to serve you. I am proud of the accomplishments we have made.

We have worked close with every police pepartment in the County. We worked with the state and federal agencies. Other counties looked up on what we were doing.

I want to talk to you about Albert McKee. Albert is the only candidate with experience. Albert McKee has 26 years of full-time law enforcement. Albert is the only candidate who has convictions on a murder case, drug case and child molestation case. Albert worked these cases from beginning to end. Albert works diligently on all these cases. Albert is Certified in Meth Lab handling. Albert has worked in every aspect of law enforcement.

Albert is a CLEET certified instructor. Albert can teach the deputies how things should be done. Officers all over northeastern Oklahoma look to Albert for guidance in writing search warrants on a wide variety of cases. Albert can lead the sheriff’s office to a new chapter. Albert is an honest, hard working, Christian man. I know all of the candidates. Albert McKee is my choice.

Vote Albert McKee, June 26.

Sheriff Frank Cantey

Dear Editor,


What can I say about my dad, Dakota Wood, that isn’t a cliché or something that’s expected of a devoted daughter? He’s loyal, trustworthy, funny, confident, loving, etc. With all the positive adjectives attributed to him, he seems completely without fault.

I mean, he has his faults, just like anybody, but he’s always made up for them with his humility and decency. He’s taught me, over the past 17 years, that you can easily balance a healthy dose of self-assurance and confidence with that humility I’ve already mentioned. His values (along with my mom’s) have permeated every lecture and life lesson, no matter what we talk about. It doesn’t matter if I’m in trouble or we’re just fooling around.

My dad is the most honest person I know, despite the fact that the honest answer is often what people really don’t want to hear. What better person for a political role than one who is honest, even when in the public eye?

I know that my opinion is biased. He is my father, after all. But I truly cannot think of anyone better suited for such a demanding and scrutinized job as the man who taught me all the best values from his own personal experience. He cares about people, not just the position. He balances family with work, taking time from the campaign to reconnect with me and my siblings and my mom, never losing sight of why he started this endeavor in the first place: to make a difference.

My dad is the best man for this job because I know, without a doubt, that he will accomplish all he sets out to do with integrity, never forgetting why he is in the office, and always acknowledging how he got there. And just like over the past years, whenever he has been deployed, our family has been and will be behind him one hundred percent. I have no doubts that this election, whether in his favor or not, is the best thing that he can be doing to allow people to see just how wonderful he is and how very much people like him are needed in our government.


Aubrie Wood

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