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February 2, 2012

A little about a lot in Okla.

Did you hear what happened at Mustang Mid-High School near Oklahoma City?  A teacher was sleeping on the job. One of the students snapped a cell phone picture and showed it to the principal. Guess who was suspended-the student, because school policy prohibits students from using “telecommunications devices during the school day.” The only official statement from the school district claims that the sleeping teacher will be investigated. My buddy simply said, “This is an example of all that is wrong with the world.”

Delaware County Sheriff Rick Littlefield ’s office is working with the County Commissioners to use prisoners to address our roadside litter problem. The first crew of five inmates started in Commissioner District 3 on the south end of the county. Look for inmate crews to start in Districts 1 and 2 soon. Good job guys!

 For those of you in the Salina area, it is time to renew your membership in the Salina Area Chamber of Commerce. Individual dues have been reduced, and businesses get a discount if they sign up by Feb 15. Just call the Chamber at (918) 434-8181.

All of our Chambers do a great job of promoting tourism, local businesses, and local events. Support them by not only joining, but being an active member.

Sure a lot better weather for this Tulsa Boat Show than last year.  Let’s hope it stays that way. All of those disasters last year severely strained our county and state budgets, not to mention the tragedies for many families.

I am preparing to spend most of the next four months in OKC as the Legislature reconvenes Monday, Feb 6. First up: the governor’s State Of The State Speech. Next job is to start working on the state budget.  I look forward to bringing you legislative updates in this column during the legislative session. And of course I always welcome you to come and visit our State Capitol!

Call or write anytime with any issues, concerns, or suggestions to or (405) 557-7415.  

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