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May 2, 2013

Who are the Palestinians?

Robert I. Lappin

Who are the Palestinians?

My father, of blessed memory, was a Palestinian, as were all of the Jews who lived in that region up until the rebirth of Israel in 1948. The Arab population eschewed that appellation and were referred to, by their choice, as Arabs. In 1948 and after, as the Arab nations attempted to abort Israel’s rebirth, a new nomenclature for Palestine’s Arabs was invented: they became “Palestinians.” So much for the myth of Palestinians representing themselves as an ancient people with indigenous rights to the Land of Israel, whose millennia-old deed, for the Jewish people inscribed in  The Palestinians are not an ancient people. By our standards they can be characterized culturally and behaviorally as medieval. They are tribal. Violence is too often their method of problem solving. They are a patriarchal society in which men commonly dominate women by force and violence. Female genital mutilation and “honor-killing” of females by male family members is an accepted practice. Gay men are ostracized and threatened. As Jews celebrate life, Palestinian Arabs celebrate death. Many Palestinian mothers pray for their sons to achieve martyrdom in the hereafter by dying in the act of killing Jews, Christians and other non-believers.  Oddly, this highest of honors can be realized by killing their co-religionists of different faith groups. Palestinian school curricula is replete with representation of Jews as inhuman, and with teaching of hatred for Christians and non-Muslims.

Much of the non-Muslim world yearns for a Palestinian state. Sympathetic acts on behalf of the stateless Palestinians has occupied much of the United Nations’ agenda for decades. Ironically, the Arab world and the Palestinians themselves, contrary to common belief, have no such yearning. They have been offered statehood by every recent Israeli administration, including the present one, but the offerings have consistently been rejected out-of-hand because the Arabs and the Palestinians will not accept, or even acknowledge, Israel’s right to exist as a Jewish state.

But then, to further complicate the matter, there is a de facto Palestinian state:  Gaza.  Gaza is typical of the other 22 undemocratic Arab states: violent, impoverished and ruled by religious dictators. It is strange that the western world, of which we are a part, seeks fervently to establish a Palestinian state destined to become another enemy of western civilization, and a haven and breeding ground for Islamic terrorist organizations. Stranger still is American Jewish acceptance of, and advocacy for, a Palestinian state which will be misogynistic and “Judenrein,” ethnically cleansed of Jewish people. Odd, too, is an American Jewish attitude that “settlements” are an obstacle to peace. Why is it not apparent to an intelligent, thoughtful, well-meaning Jewish populace that if there is to be a true peace, Jews must have a right to live in peace in Judea and Samaria – just as Arabs have a right to live in Israel as full-fledged citizens. Why do American Jews accept the notion that the West Bank is “occupied” territory, when by international law, it is designated as “disputed” territory?

I have a theory that the Jewish people lack a natural sense of survival. A strong piece of evidence supporting my theory is our sympathetic attitude to the Palestinians and their “cause.”

Robert I. Lappin is founder of the Robert I. Lappin Charitable Foundation. One of organization’s many programs is its Y2I or Youth to Israel initiative.

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