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October 9, 2012

Mayor: vote ‘no’ on sales tax

Ask The Mayor

PRYOR — The mayor wants the best for the City and citizens of Pryor Creek.

Vote no on the County tax!

Mayes County Commissioners have put on the Nov. 6 ballot a proposition to increase the sales tax 3/8 of 1 percent for county road improvements.

The total sales tax in Pryor Creek would go to 10 percent if this proposition is approved by the voters.

The sales tax rate in Locust Grove, Salina, Chouteau and Adair would exceed 10 percent.

I work hard at recruiting new business and raising city of Pryor tax rate at this time would be detrimental to Pryor, including existing businesses.

You, the citizens, have made it clear to me that we should not consider any additional tax increase.

The county, along with the city, requires additional funds to maintain our roads and level of service that you, the citizens, deserve.

We need to include our State Legislature and review all tax allocations together to see what can be done.

The county and city currently have an agreement to assist each other and that saves a considerable amount of money.

We work together and will continue.

What is happening with the Old Sharpe’s Building?

Sam and Ella’s Pizza is coming downtown. Windows are replaced and work will begin soon on the outside and completion of inside. The process has been long and stressful but you, the citizens, will soon see a new face and beginning of downtown revitalization.

What is happening on the Allred Theater?

We are working with the several people trying to find a way to keep the theater in Pryor. This will be a long process just like Sam and Ella’s Pizza. I will, from time to time, keep you advised through this letter of the progress.

To those who decided to place negative comments on Facebook about Jeff Mitchell:

Jeff Mitchell has been an officer for the City of Pryor Creek since May 1998. The Facebook comments are false. Jeff is a good officer and City of Pryor is fortunate to have him serve and protect you the citizens of Pryor Creek.

It is an honor to be your mayor.

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