The Pryor Times

June 15, 2013

Letter to the Editor: Cherokee Nation Council

— Dear Editor,

Did Joe Byrd and Curtis Snell in the last few months get a $50,000 check for being discriminated against as an Indian farmer or rancher? Byrd was listed as a party in the Keepseagle v. U.S. Department of Agriculture lawsuit. Joe would not know which end of a cow is which and has never plowed a field. How could he get a $50,000 tax fund settlement as an Indian farmer or rancher? Please ask him if he did, then ask him did he get anyone from his Council district one of those $50,000 checks for being a rancher or farmer?

Aren’t we tired of Cherokee Nation Council people in office focused on how much they can personally gain from it? They get theirs and then forget about the rest of us. Just more of the same self-serving politics in Tahlequah like buying run down golf courses from your campaign buddies and giving cronies huge salaries while the real workers scrimp by or are put on the unemployment line.

Ask Joe Byrd about this $50,000 check. He is asking for our votes.  It is a fair question to see if he is serving himself or the Cherokee people!


Geary Don Crofford, Ph.D.