The Pryor Times


December 7, 2013

Letter to the Editor: Disgruntled employee

PRYOR, OK — Dear Editor,

My name is Amy. I have been working at Pryor Lanes since Oct. 20.

I have never been paid in full on payday. It has always been up to three days after payday.

Dec. 5 is my third payday I am owed $643.75 for this pay period. I was paid $100 by Valerie and told that she doesn’t know when I will get the rest. I was told her deposits did not go through, she doesn’t know what the bank is doing, but she must pay the bills.

Well, I have bills to pay, too. I was told by two other employees that they are owed over $2,000. I was also told the bowling alley is behind on the taxes by $6,000.

Why would they hire people if they can’t pay them? It seems they do enough business to pay the employees.

Let’s not support Pryor Lanes if they don’t pay the employees.

Amy Hipp

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