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April 1, 2012

Letters to the Editor: 04/01/2012

Dear Editor,

I can’t believe with the paint barely dry on the bond issue, the superintendent wants another 18 million!

There is so much waste with these projects, I have no idea what the lighted signs at every school cost, but for sure they do nothing for education.

I am a senior citizen and definitely will vote no.

With Obama (scare) in place, my Medicare premium has increased as well as my supplementary, and my coverage has gone down. The economy is depressed, housing market is down, the oil companies still gouging us and grocery prices are so high that one needs to take out a loan just to go to the store. Couple that with the fact that I don’t derive anything from the proposed issue.

Again I say I’m voting no and I’m hoping my fellow seniors will do likewise.

Charles Moorehead


Dear Editor,

I am sending residents an update on our efforts to solve the problems with the Board of Directors at Rural Water District # 4. I have copied Laura Whalen who is the office manager for the district so she can let the board members know how our movement is rapidly growing.

In addition, I have blind copied over 100 of our district members so they will have your email addresses in case they want to contact you as well.

In less than two hours of sending out my first emails, I was receiving interest from news organizations and concerned members. On March 23, I began meeting with individuals who wanted to tell me their stories of difficulties in dealing with the board and with people who wanted to help correct the problems. Some of these individuals are already working on their letters to the news organizations.

I spent approximately three hours with a local realtor who told me how difficult it is to work with Rural Water District #4 as compared to other rural water boards and how the board of directors has shown favoritism to certain individuals. She said these problems are common knowledge among the local realators. She is offering to assist our endevor by having her office print documents for us and helping us deliver them to the members of the district. In addition, she has offered to print yard signs calling all the members of the district to action. She is very confident she can obtain more than enough signatures from concerned people to require the water board to have a special meeting to remove certain board members and elect replacements.

I truly hope the problem board members will recognize it is time to retire so they do not require a public meeting to have them removed. But I certainly would welcome a special meeting of the district membership to elect their replacements.

I have also volunteered to give presentations to concerned members at a future date which is yet to be determined.

Today, I am releasing several items. The first is a new video letting everyone know who I am and exactly what I am trying to accomplish. You can see this video at

In addition, I have placed in public drop box files several documents which will show my efforts to resolve the problems with the district before taking the issues public as well as district documents which confirm my allegations.  The attached document contains links to all of those documents.

Thank you for helping with our problems.

Jack Silver

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