The Pryor Times


June 12, 2014

Pryor Creek No. 6

PRYOR, OK — The City of Pryor Creek has received notice from the Council for Community and Economic Research, in its 2013 Annual Report, that we are ranked No. 6 among the most affordable cities in America.

I have petitioned the federal government to place Pryor Creek on the Post Office. We were established as Pryor Creek, we are officially Pryor Creek, and we need proper name recognition on all maps and documents.

Please enjoy Pryor parks this summer from swimming to volleyball, tennis and, yes, horseshoes. People are in the parks. The pool is open and I encourage those wanting to swim outside for reasonable price to swim at the Whitaker Park Pool, and even schedule a pool party in the evening.

I am continuing to work toward new restaurants, convenient stores and other business and I am encouraged at the amount of inquiries.

What do you want for Pryor Creek? Please let me know.


What is going to happen to old Homeland Building?

Nothing at this time


Is Sam and Ella’s ever going to open?

The owner has stated repeatedly that it will open and continues to work on the inside. If you drive by you can see work being done. The citizens will soon see a new face and continue to see our downtown being revitalized.


What is the plan for the other streets needing repair?

These streets will be placed in the 2014 evaluation and budget. We have identified those streets with the greatest need. We continue to patch pot holes throughout the city. Please call with information about additional locations we may have not considered.


Why does the City feel it is their duty to make me clean up my residence?

Property values are affected negatively, business don’t want to locate in the area, and safety for all neighbors. You can expect a citation any time if your property is deemed to be in violation of our public nuisance ordnances.

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