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October 5, 2013

Letter to the Editor: Yeoman's

PRYOR, OK — Dear Editor,

When I went into Yeoman's in Pryor, I saw the awards that your paper said about Yeoman's. Well here is a letter that I sent out to my friends. Just think if this happened to a family on a very fixed income. When I posted this on FB I got four phone calls from others that have had the same thing happen to them. So I hope that before you all pick some business to promote, you all take this into consideration.

I want all my friends to know about something that happen to me this last week. I am doing this to protect you and save you money.

On Sept. 21, I went to Yeoman’s Tire & Auto in Pryor. I went in to get a quote on getting my F150 a tune-up and new fuel filter. The man behind the counter went out to my truck got the information he needed and then came in and worked up what it would cost. He told me that it would cost $160 plus tax.

I asked him how long it would take. He said it would take a good day to get it done. I scheduled the truck to be there on Sept. 24, that way they could have it first thing Wednesday. On Wednesday afternoon, I received a phone call from Yeoman’s and I was hoping that my truck was ready.

Well the joke was on me. It was the shop supervisor who I had turned my truck over to. He told me that he will not be able to honor my quote. They would put my truck back together and I could come get it, or I could pay more. I asked how much more. He said it would cost me $400.

I knew that I had just been gotten but I also knew that If I went in to get my truck now It would in worse shape. I was very upset and they knew it. I said just get it done. They did not get the truck done until Friday afternoon. And when I got the bill it cost me $510 for a tune-up.

From $160 to $510 is just wrong. Yeoman’s will not honor their word, so I have filed a complaint with the BBB. I don’t want any of my friends to end up paying what I ended up paying. It is sad when you go to a place on good faith and people take you and rake you over the coals.

If you all would pass this on to your friends and let them know. I will let you all know what the BBB comes up with. It takes two business days before they send Yeoman’s a copy of my complaint.

Rick Burton

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