The Pryor Times

October 6, 2012

Listening for the right candidate

Doug Cox

— Rep. Doug Cox

In the upcoming November elections we will not only be voting for President but also a new Second District U.S. Congressman to replace Dan Boren who decided not to run for re-election.

I continue to look at the candidates and am waiting for them to say some of the things I believe in. I am looking for a candidate that says:

1. “I will not support sending American dollars to countries that hate us, riot in the streets against us, and burn American flags.”

2. “I will not send U.S. troops to a country where the police force turns on us and shoots our soldiers. If that is the way they feel, they can fend for themselves.”

3. “I have an energy policy for the U.S. that allows drilling, refining, and transporting oil and natural gas in an environmentally friendly manner to eliminate our dependence on foreign countries.”

4. “I will stop the abuse of the food stamp program where people are buying junk food with your tax dollars.”

5. “Everyone who can work must work. Disability payments will only go to the truly disabled.”

6. “I will reform the Medicare system to eliminate waste, duplication, fraud, and confusing paperwork so that we can take better care of our senior citizens.”

Unless I missed it I haven’t heard those statements from any of the candidates. Oh well, there is still a month to go before the election. I’ll keep listening.

Congratulations to the City of Jay for receiving a Rural Economic Action Plan (REAP) grant of $50,000 to help upgrade their wastewater treatment plant. This will benefit the 2,482 citizens served by that plant.

The Oklahoma State Capitol building is approaching 100 years of age. It is badly in need of repairs. The exterior limestone is flaking off. Some roof areas leak. The general interior is in wonderful condition but some of the non-public spaces do not reflect the same character as the restored and maintained public spaces.  These areas need to be rehabilitated. In 1915, the basement terrazzo floor was placed on top of thin asphalt and has cracked and needs to be replaced. The ancient plumbing and electrical systems need renovations. These and other repairs will be expensive to perform while preserving the historic nature of a building that was built before we had air conditioning or needed wiring for computers. The cost has been estimated at $153 million over a five-year span. I support repairing the building and then setting up a budget for routine operation, maintenance, and building management of this Oklahoma treasure.

Thank you for allowing me the honor and privilege to serve as your State Representative. I can be reached at or (405) 557-7415.