The Pryor Times

October 6, 2012


George Fisher

— America's collective national suicide is gaining speed on the road to self destruction.

Once accomplished, America as we know it will be gone. We, the citizens of this great nation, will be without resources and freedom to say or do anything of our own will. The freedoms we have enjoyed for 236 years will come to an end and we will be nothing more than slaves, permanently bound and helpless in shackles of our own making.

In this modern era of social and political idiocy, that statement is politically incorrect because it is true. Truth will not be tolerated today, not by the national so-called "News" media nor others who think we, the American public, are too stupid and blind and weak to care for ourselves and must have an all-powerful government idiot provide for us, the lesser idiots; that we must stretch out our hands and render our minds vacant as we bend toward Washington and beg for leftover crumbs that might be brushed off the government table and tossed in our direction by thieving politicians, while we become dependent upon those crumbs and endorse the tyrants who steal them for us and allow us to exist.

Thank God they allow us to exist! Without our beloved tyrants, we would be nothing and have nothing! They feed us, they clothe us, they house us, they bus us and they school us, they warm us and they cool us, so long as we remain loyal lovers of their crumbs. In this way they buy our votes and we - the weak, the blind, the stupid - sell our votes to them, along with our dignity, our freedom and our future.

Thus we debase ourselves and our irreplaceable God-given rights of freedom and independence, and indenture ourselves forever to our beloved crumb tyrants, all in our fervor to worship this modern slavery they lavish upon us.

What a vision... once mighty Americans, having discarded their independence, hating anyone who has a dime more than they, scrambling and fighting each other for crumbs, victims of themselves.

What a pitiful, hopeless, shameless collection of spineless people it takes to even consider the possibility of that political prophecy in America. Yet here it is. We are facing the reality of it. It is so close that we may have only one more vote to fulfill it, or defeat it.

America has given the world the greatest beacon of freedom and hope that has ever shone upon this earth. She has given us the very best and most abundant opportunities ever available to humans of all colors and creeds to apply themselves and improve their lives.

Now our beloved nation is falling into shambles because we are abandoning American values. We are weakened and growing weaker by our increasing selfishness to take from each other what we should provide for ourselves.

That's the truth, America. Don't look for it in the national media. Don't look for it in Washington. Look for it inside yourselves. Take a long look at who you are and what you are. Think about the future you want for yourselves and your children and grandchildren. Ask yourself why you would do anything to deprive them of the freedom and opportunities you have had.

May God grant you the wisdom and the courage to be honest about your vision for the future of your children and grandchildren. Then vote accordingly.