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August 18, 2012

Letters to the editor

Mayes County, Oklahoma — Dear Editor,

Recently, we have heard the term “values voter.” What does that mean to the average voter in 2012? Webster’s says values means “desirable standards or principles.” As Oklahomans, we have a history of conservatism and Christian values. Logic says that means we embrace values based on scripture and the teachings of religious institutions.

There are subjects scripture does not address, but leaves to our discernment and conscience. However, that same scripture definitely addresses two subjects deeply ingrained in the minds and hearts of voters this year. Our current president has embraced, promoted and used our tax dollars to finance practices abhorrent and offensive to Christians. Homosexual marriage and taxpayer-funded abortions have been forced on us, and no one is listening to our objections.

I have heard a few voters say they cannot vote for a Mormon, and I understand what they are saying. However, a choice between a Mormon with Christian values, and a proven supporter of anti-biblical life choices with a bent toward Muslim beliefs, make my decision clear. Different churches embrace different beliefs, but there are some convictions that we all have in common, such as the taking of innocent lives and a lifestyle condemned in God’s word. Please do not take this as an indictment of homosexual people. They have the same right to exist and live safe and productive lives as straight people.

Whichever party you may belong to, how ever your parents and grandparents voted, look at our country, your children and grandchildren and become a values voter in November.

E.J. Pembleton



Dear Editor,

I’ve been wanting to write you for several days, but there are so many things that concern people right now, it’s hard to decide which one to start with - of course the “Affordable Healthcare Act,” known by Republicans as “Obamacare,” has been made into such a bugaboo that people really need to learn what the facts are.

Mitt Romney’s taxes have been tugged and pulled at and can’t be put to rest because the people need to know the real basic beliefs of this candidate.  They need to know if he really thinks it’s all right to hide income and get out of paying taxes, and if he thinks it’s all right for working people who do pay taxes to pay more so rich people can pay less.

Mitt Romney picked Paul Ryan to run as his vice president. Mr. Ryan’s reputation is built on his budget plan which would make Medicare a voucher system like charter and private schools, and would do away with school lunches and Headstart and food stamps and would cut veterans’ benefits and college scholarships.

These and other concerns make this election the decision of whether to continue to support America as the land of equal opportunity and fair play or America of a few wealthy men and bread lines for many.

What does Mr. Romney say about the kind of jobs people would have? He is against unions and is for streamlining businesses. As for families, he has left a huge fortune in trust for his sons, but said his wife’s Olympic entry for her horse was her affair; he wouldn’t even attend. She has given years of her time to his ambitious efforts to get into the White House.

Frankly, I don’t care for the man. He is too much like other men whose personal ambition rules their actions. All I can do is vote against him. And that is the final concern I have: The Republicans efforts to keep Democrats from voting. If the Supreme Court upholds the laws several states have passed to restrict voting (calling it protection from voter fraud) we are sunk unless every other registered voter gets to the poles. This is one time it’s up to every one of us to help. Because America is a country - not a company.

Amy Sparks


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