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January 11, 2014

Letter to the Editor: To those who dump animals

PRYOR, OK — Dear Editor,


To those people who dump animals, this letter is to tell you what happened to some of those pets. You probably justified your cruel actions by saying the animal would hunt food and someone would find it, but that's not always what happens.  Here are examples of abandoned pets:

I can't forget the face of the absolutely terrified white cat — eyes wide open, tongue hanging out — racing down the highway as if being chased.  I was forced to drive on but hurried back only to find it dead on the side of the road.

A lost black and grey dog walked through our yard recently. Before I could get a leash, it got away. Poor thing was so weak, it was trembling. At the last sighting, a neighbor said it appeared sick. It probably starved to death in the woods.

Then, there was the female Dachshund who fiercely barked at anyone who approached her and her two frightened puppies. The mama dog was soon hit and killed. A few days later, the puppies were found dead in the highway.

Day before Thanksgiving, someone dumped a Chihuahua, a larger Lab-mix pup, and a small puppy. They accepted food but were afraid of strangers. They jumped back, growled and hid if people tried to rescue them. Two disappeared during a snowstorm. The small puppy wandered for days but also disappeared.

I remember so many animals — the SEVEN abandoned Labs, the black Siamese — but the most important issue here is that people need to STOP DUMPING ANIMALS. Laws need to be so strict and costly that people will be afraid to dump animals.  I just hope that you, the heartless animal bbuser, get paid back one day for all the upset and pain you cause.

Margaret A. Butler


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