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January 9, 2014

Support Oklahoma!

PRYOR, OK — We are fortunate to live in a wonderful state, and we can all be proud of our Oklahoma heritage. How much pride we have and show in our state is conveyed to others visiting our area. There are several ways you can support our state.

Fly the Oklahoma flag. We have a beautiful state flag with a rich history. We have a long way to go to get as many people flying our state flag as they do the state flag in our rival state of Texas. Everyone and every business that has a flag pole flying an American flag should fly our state flag. If you would like a free state flag with a description of our flag’s history just let me know at or 405-557-7415. I will be happy to send you one and replace it whenever it is tattered.

Buy and support “Made in Oklahoma” (MIO) products. There are a wide variety of products and foods made right here in Oklahoma. From saddles to candy and candles, from wine to syrup to cornmeal and sausage, the list is very impressive. Supporting the companies that make these products helps provide jobs for our fellow Oklahomans. Many of these products are very unique and make wonderful gifts for your out-of-state friends. What a great way to let them know what we have in Oklahoma! To get a list of MIO products, go to If you know of a product that is made in Oklahoma that is not listed there, let the manufacturer know he should go to the website and get the product listed.

Show that you believe in Oklahoma. Have a positive attitude about our state and its future and show this attitude when talking to others. Optimism is contagious! I have a very limited supply of “I Believe in Oklahoma” bumper stickers if you would like one or two to put on your vehicles. Again, just contact me, and I’ll get one in the mail to you.

Learn about Oklahoma history. Our state has an exciting history ranging from the Native American tribes to outlaws and land rushes. The internet is a wonderful tool for this. Just Google “Where can I learn about Oklahoma history?” and a plethora of websites will pop up that you can peruse. I use the Google search engine instead of the others because Google has a plant in Pryor.

Vacation in Oklahoma. I would be willing to bet that Oklahoma has many neat places that you have never visited. We have many little-known jewels in our state that make a great family vacation. Last summer, for example, my grandson, his buddy and I had a great three days in Medicine Park near Lawton. What a great “swimming hole,” artist colony and fun place to visit!  There are many others. Just go to to get a lot of ideas for your next trip.

It is my pleasure to server as your state representative. Feel free to contact me at the sites listed above.

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