The Pryor Times

September 5, 2013

SUV hits gas line

Staff Writer
Cydney Baron

— A report of a stolen 1998 Chevrolet SUV was called in to the Pryor Police Department around 8:30 Saturday night.

The owner exited Boots Bar in Pryor and found his vehicle was not where he had left it parked behind the building. At 8:52 p.m., officers found the vehicle crashed into a wall in the alley behind Allred Theater. The vehicle was still running, but the driver had fled the scene. The officer quickly realized the vehicle hit a gas meter when it struck the wall. MUB was called to turn off the gas so the meter and line could be repaired.

An Allred Theater manager and employee saw the crash, while they were taking out the trash. They said the individual drove the car into the back side of the building, then got out of the car and walked away. They immediately called the police.

Pryor Police Chief Dennis Nichols said no arrest has been made but an investigation is underway.