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October 26, 2012

Court Records 10.28


Property Transfers

The following warranty deeds were filed in the Mayes County Clerk’s Office.

Property owners were assessed a document fee of $1,50 per $1,000 of the purchase price.

Carolyn Sue Davidson, Carolyn Sue Pearce (FKA) and Allen D. Davison, sold to Joshua And Ashley Courson, Locust Grove B51 L16-19, $57.75

Joshua and Ashley Courson, sold to Eugene Koelsch, Locust Grove B51 L16-19, $49.50

Stanley Keith McClellan, Caye McClellan, Earl Harley McClellan, Jr., Sandy McClellan, Billy Dale McClellan and Donald Ray McClellan, sold to David Ray Manes, Sr. and Traci Ann Manes, Whitaker B22 L17 PT L16, $111

Ben Sherrer, sold to Terry Lynn McConnell, S13 T19N R20E

Mary Jane Farrar, sold to Ronda J. and Kevin D. Farrar, S6 T23N R20E

Zoella Boling, sold to Zoella Boling, Barbara K. Boling (aka Godspeed) and Elizabeth A. Shannon, S6 T23N R20E

Louis B. and Raye Suzanne Jennings, sold to Kyle S. Demoure and Shanda Green, Southridge 3RD B2 L11

Kyle S. Demoure and Shanda Green, sold to Louis B. and Suzanne Jennings, Southridge 3RD B2 L11

Robert E. and Mary E. Steddum, sold to Garland W. Yarborough, S4 T21N R21E/S8T21N R20E/Salina B10 L19-22, $150

Garland W. Yarborough, sold to Robert E. and Mary E. Steddum, S4 T21N R21E/S8 T21N R20E/Salina B10 L19-22

Rosemary and Gary Hitchcock, sold to Jackie Earl Fleming, S33 T20N R21E

Troy Layne and Leslie Donnell Goforth, sold to Dusty A. and Sarah J. Brickey, Lakeland I, B1 L8, $14.25

James C. and Anita H. Still, sold to Bret A. and Patricia J. Kurth, Leisure Land #2 B5 L2-4,6, $131.25

Terry Lynn McConnell, sold to Pamela Sue Purcell, sold to Jeffery S. and Melissa D. Williams, S13 T19N R20E, $37.50

Tim Henson, sold to Cory and Lacey Ayres, S5 T23N R20E, $210

Henrietta M. Wood, sold to Danita E. Arrowsmith, S36 T21N R18E

Edith Mc Dowell, sold to Janet L. Jones, Howey B68 L40-42, $33

Linda Kay Back, sold to Kristopher A. Lowery, S21 T23N R20E, $127.50

Thomas and Dawnetta Cottman, sold to Thomas and Dawnetta Cottman, Locust Grove B43 L17-19, PT L16

Austin Lee and Audra Faye Anderson, sold to Austin Lee and Audra Faye Anderson, S20 T19N R19E

Harold E. and Ladeen J. Unruh, sold to Christopher S. and Andrea N. Rexwinkle, Adair B55 L2,3, $148.50

Kathy Boilla, sold to Rebecca Kirby Pearce, Big Bluff Ranch B1 L2

Gerald W. and Teresa Gregory, sold to Linda V. Lane, S24 T20N R20E

Jason Willis, sold to James Thomas Dixon, S21 T20N R20E

Diane K. Frederick, sold to Debbie S. Massey, Fleming B2 PT L1, $161.25

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