November 30, 2013

Woman has long history of vehicle-related charges

November 30, 2013 Staff Writer Cydney Baron

PRYOR, OK — Sheilah Goforth, Broken Arrow, was arrested in Pryor and charged with petit larceny and knowingly concealing stolen property. Goforth, 30, is charged with concealing one blue 2014 decal sticker, one orange 2013 decal stickerand one maroon 2012 decal sticker all allegedly stolen from Brad Reed. The  larceny charge, a misdemeanor, alleges that Goforth stole the blue 2014 decal.

While this is Goforth's first felony charge in Mayes County, she has been charged with vehicle-related infractions before. In 1999, she was charged with operating a motor vehicle in a manor not reasonable and proper. In October, she was charged with affixing an improper license plate to a motor vehicle and failure to pay all taxes due the state. Both of those infractions were filed by the OHP as well. In September, she was charged with failure to comply with compulsory insurance law in Rogers County.

“The Pryor Police Department wants to encourage citizens to take measures to protect their property,” said officer Dustin Vanhorn. “We highly recommend taking a photograph of things, such as your license plate and decal so that if these items are stolen we can expedite the process of gathering information.”

Vanhorn said the department suggests maintaining some form of home and vehicle inventory which would be beneficial in case of theft.

“These inventories would also be helpful in the event you need to file a claim on insurance, such as a fire or natural disaster. For more information contact us via phone or on our website at,” said Vanhorn. “We also want to remind everyone to keep their vehicles locked at night and not to leave any valuables inside unattended vehicles.”

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