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March 23, 2013

Court Notes 3-24-13

Lauren Anne West appeared before Judge Rebecca Gore Tuesday for a motion to revoke hearing.

West is charged with the manufacturing a controlled dangerous substance. Gore orders sentencing passed off for 90 days. Gore then explains to West that she is to pay the drug fund assessment, pay the district attorney supervision fees and have substance abuse treatment completed within those 90 days. Gore stressed the importance of completing these tasks in the time allotted.

“If you fail to do so, you may as well come back and bring your toothbrush because you’re going to jail,” said Gore.

If West is not in compliance within the time frame, she will be sentenced to seven years in the department of correction. However, if she does meet all of these requirements the court will dismiss the motion to revoke.

The court orders West released on a personal recognizance bond.

Paul Figueroa is charged with possession of controlled substance (marijuana). Figueroa, of Newton, New Jersey, made his initial appearance before Judge Gore Tuesday.

Gore asked the defendant what plea he would like to enter at this time.

“If I plead guilty can I forfeit my bond,” Figueroa asked.

“You'll be subject to up to a year in jail,” said Gore.

“Whoa, I guess I’ll have to go with not guilty then,” said Figueroa.

His case was set on the jury sounding docket on June 14.       

Dennis Eades, Chouteau, came for his initial appearance before Judge Terry McBride on Thursday.

Eades is charged with driving while impaired.

McBride informed him of his rights and asked him for a plea at this time. Eades said he thought he would like to plead guilty.

“You understand that if you plead guilty you could go to jail for six months starting right now,” said McBride.

“What? I don’t understand why it’s such a serious offense,” said Eades.

“You’d have to ask the legislators on that, I don’t actually make the laws,” said McBride.

Eades said he did not want to fight the charges, but that he

didn’t want to go to jail.

McBride recommended he apply for a court appointed attorney and return June 14.

Douglas Runyon, Disney, is charged with driving under the influence. He made an initial appearance before Judge McBride, Thursday.

McBride informed him of his rights and asked why he did not appear on his appointed jury docket date.

“I had a lot of stuff going on. My dad died and then my attorney wasn’t allowed in on my case,” said Runyon.

“What do you mean he wasn’t allowed on the case,” said McBride.

Runyon clarified that it was his understanding that his attorney was not allowed to represent him in the case because

he was from another county.

“Was he a real lawyer,” said McBride.

Runyon answered yes. He was arrested over the weekend and bonded out. He will re-appear in court June 14.

Phillip and Nancy McClure are each charged with omitting to provide for a minor child. Phillip McClure has an additional charge of child abuse by injury. He appeared via video conference while she was present in court. The couple, from Bartlesville, each had their case set for April 11.

Phillip McClure’s bond was set at $50,000 and he will remain in the custody of the Mayes County Jail until that bond is posted.


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Crimes and courts