The Pryor Times

July 24, 2013

Court Records 7/21/13

Staff Writer
Cydney Baron

— Felony charges follow  a Salina swap, handgun for drugs.

The investigation began when the owner of a .357 Ruger reported that he knew someone who could point them to the whereabouts of the gun.

The informant told Sheriff's investigators that he believed Courtney Kelley knew where the gun could be found as it had recently changed hands having been traded for an “Opana” (oxymorphone) pill.

Kelley stated that her ex-boyfriend, Jesse Roberts picked her up then picked up Michael Vincent. The trio then drove to the residence of “Papa” where Kelley said the trade was made. Court records later identify “Papa” as Ron Young, of Salina.

Investigators then spoke with Young who denied having made the trade. The probable cause affidavit says that “Young advised that Vincent brandished a 'western style' handgun from a carrying case and asked Young if he would take the handgun as a trade for some Opana pills.”

Young did inform investigators that he had given Vincent pills “a long time ago” because of Vincent's pain, which he said was caused by cancer. Young allowed the investigators to search his home, not finding the gun they went to Vincent's residence, also in Salina. Vincent said that the trio did go to Young's residence because Kelley wanted the pills. Vincent said Kelley commented that she would perform a lap dance for Young in exchange for drugs. Young reportedly declined the offer, telling Vincent he wasn't feeling well. Vincent and his wife allowed the investigators to search their property, where the handgun was not found.

Kelley was then brought to the visitation area of the Mayes County Jail to speak with investigators. At that time Kelley admitted to stealing the .357 Ruger Blackhawk revolver and that Roberts had no knowledge of it. Kelley stated that they drove back to Vincent's residence and broke down the pill, shot up the contents of the pill and left.

During the process Vincent did have the handgun in his possession, which is a felony as he had a prior felony conviction. The oxymorphone, a class two controlled dangerous substance, was also in Vincent's possession at one point.

Vincent's original felony charge was first degree burglary in 2008. Young's Mayes County record showed only delivery of a controlled drug in 2001 and ministers credentials in 2003.

Jeffery Alan Patton, Claremore, appeared on the felony motion docket with charges of manufacturing a controlled dangerous substance/possession of material with intent to manufacture, after prior felony, possession of a firearm while in commission of a felony. At his court appearance Wednesday, his attorney requested that his arraignment be continued so Patton waived his right to have his district court arraignment within 30 days. His case was continued to August 14.

When charges were filed, his bond was set in the amount of $250,000.