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August 17, 2012

Court Records 8.19

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District Court

The following court records are supplied weekly by the Mayes County Court Clerk’s Office.


Anna Marie Barnetll, actual physical control

Roni Rae Mann, domestic assault and battery

Aaron Michael McArthur, domestic assault and battery

Jayme Willis, domestic assault and battery

Jeff Dennis Morrison, driving under the influence - aggravated

Logan Blake Cook, driving under the influence - under 21

Darlene Burton, larceny of merchandise from a retailer

Thomas Darrell Easky, larceny of merchandise from a retailer

Heather L. Smittle, outraging public decency

Roger Dale Hardbarger, outraging public decency

Christopher Douglas Parrish, possession of controlled dangerous substance

Timothy Bruce Cline, Jr., possession or selling of paraphernalia

Charles Jerred Griffin, possessin or selling of paraphernalia

Jerry Don Powell, possessin or selling of paraphernalia

Lewis Thompson, Jr., public intoxication


Laura Lynn O’Rear, attempted burglary - 2nd degree

Bryan Dale Jenkins, attempted burglary - 2nd degree

Joshua Glen Haddock, bail jumping

Jimmie C. Crow, Jr., bail jumping

Steven Lee Walker, driving under the influence - alcohol

Kenneth Anthony Chavez, driving under the influence - drugs -  AFCF

Robert Howard Pirtle, endeavor to manufacture controlled dangerous substance - AFCF

Small Claims

R & R Rentals v Chance Summerlin, forcible entry and detainer

K & R Rentals v Melissa Ward, forcible entry and detainer

Meadow Trace Apartments v Carrie Wallace, forcible entry and detainer

Scott Caskey v Summer Riddle, forcible entry and detainer

Alfread Ray Ford, Jr. v Dillon Postl, forcible entry and detainer

Hamill Equipment Inc. v Ted Linthicum, money judgement

Hamill Equipment Inc. v Curtis Allen, money judgement

Julie Moreno v Paririe Village Apts, money judgement

Commerce Finance v Mike Hughes, money judgement

Commerce Finance v Christina Green, money judgement

Commerce Finance v Michael Sinks, money judgement

Midwestern Loans v Wayne Hamor, money judgement

Midwestern Loans v Clint Bradley, money judgement

Civil Suits

Asset Acceptance LLC v Rhandall S. Lavasseur, breach agreement/contract

Asset Acceptance LLC v Cathy Young, breach agreement/contract

Asset Acceptance LLC v Kristi D. Barnes, breach agreement/contract

JP Morgan Chase Bank Natl Assoc v Michael N. Durant, foreclosure

Bank of America N A v Donna Dodson, foreclosure

The Bank of New York Mellon v Robert M. Pack, foreclosure

Tulsa Adjustment Bureau Inc v Thomas D. Cravens, indebtedness

Midland Funding LLC v Linda Herrington, indebtedness

Midland Funding LLC v Brandi Hunt, indebtedness

Bailey Medical Center LLC v Ronald J. Henington, suit on account


Steven Doyle Husband and Johnnie Taina Gifford

David Wayne Tucker, Jr. and Kira Mae Snyder

Joshua Adam Vernon and Amber Marie James

Colby Tyrell Stewart and Ashley Nicole Dry

Tray Lee Pendergraft and Keitha Diane Odell


Galis Kay Cunningham and Estol Leon Cunningham

Sherman Dewayne Jones and Rhonda Jean Jones

Kristina M Towell and Christopher Towell

Austin Wesley Jarvis and Stephenie Gretchel Jarvis

Phillip L. Riley and Deborah R. Riley

City Court

The following cour records are supplied weekly by the Pryor Municipal Court Clerk’s Office.

Heather Denise Wamego, failure to obey traffic control device, $124

Heather denise Wamego, state vehicle license, $124

Seth Aaron Killsnight, false representation of fofficer, $149

Ashley Frago, speeding over 10 mph, $77

Luis Alberto Perez Castillo, insurance or certificate required, $124

Danh Do, speeding over 10 mph, $89

Ryan Joseph Foster, seatbelts, child restraints, $25

Donna Marie Masters, speeding over 10 mph, $93

Nancy Joan Tanner, speeding 1-10 miles over, $69

Larry Robert Richardson, one way roads, $99

Justin Allen Herron, seatbelts, child restraints, $25

Seth Eastman Louis Burns, speeding over 10 mph, $89

James Walter Haynes III, speeding over 10 mph, $105

Johnathan Scott Fleak, seatbelts, $25

Lora Jene Bryant, speeding 1-10 miles over, $69

Donna R. Wood, speeding 1-10 miles over, $69

Shayla Rena Thomas, turning movements/signals, $99

Shayla Rena Thomas, drivers license - possession required, $199

Chamonix Felicia Morejon, speeding over 10 mph, $113

Clyde Albert Long, seatbelts, $25

William Edward Olson, backing limitations, $99

Mitchael Ray Purdom, speeding over 10 mph, $81

Katrina June Drake, speeding over 10 mph, $97

Donny William Cummings, speeding over 10 mph, $105

Thomas M. Marshall, failure to obey traffic control device, $124

Layton Thomas Moore, operation on invalid license, $449

Jeffery Warren Yates, speeding over 10 mph, $85

Jessica Jeanne Wade, speeding over 10 mph, $97

Mark Anthony Parks, speeding over 10 mph, $81

Ralph L. Chancellor,  turning movements/signals, $99

Erin E. Eberhart, Speeding over 10 mph, $77

Stacey C. Ogle, public intoxication, $174

Cody Nicolas Gray, public intoxication, $174

Sarah Alyson Howard, public intoxication, $174

Tyler Paul Harmon, one way roads, $99

Tyler Paul Harmon, dirvers license - possession required, $199

Marcus R. Soap, operation on invalid license, $449

Marcus R. Soap, T.O.C., $149

Marcus R. Soap, illegal U-turn, $204

Marcus R. Soap, failure to obey traffic control device, $124

Ronald Dean Watkins, resisting officer, $549

Daniel Ray Alton, defective vehicle, equipment, $94

Brandon Paul Backwater, resisting officer, $549

Brandon Paul Backwater, public intoxication, $174

Roy James Hudson, insurance or certificate required, $124

Jacqueline Alicia Jones, operation on invalid license, $449

Stephen Cody Fleming, public intoxication, $174

Terri J. Ehrhart, insurance or certificate required, $124

Terri J. Ehrhart, time and attention required, $149

Terri J. Ehrhart, drivers license - possession required, $199

Amanda Lee McClure, failure to obey lawful command, $149

Christopher Thomas Ward, time and attention required, $149

James Elton Halford, failure to appear, $209

Taylor Chayce Yeager, minor in possession of intox beverage, $199

Taylor Chayce Yeager, state vehicle license, $124

Taylor Chayce Yeager, operation on invalid license, $449

Cody Dalton Littlefield, possession of paraphernalia, $549

Cody Dalton Littlefield, public intoxication, $174

Robert James Still, public intoxication, $174

Ronald Eugene Potts, speeding over 10 mph, $85

Amber Nicole Wilson, speeding over 10 mph, $89

James D. Cope, operation on invalid license, $449

Dennis Rayburn Eades, accidents, duty to stop, $149

Dustin Todd Hagar, possession of paraphernalia, $549

Property Transfers

The following warranty deeds were filed in the Mayes County Clerk’s Office.

Property owners are assessed a document fee of $1.50 per $1,000 of the purchase price.

Larry D. and Cynthia Ann Naas, sold to Larry D. and Cindy A. Naas, S9 T22N R19E

Michael W. Motley, sold to Laura L. Motley, Lakewood 3RD B7 L7 (mineral int)

Nicholas and Sherrie Denise Neitzke and Larry and Dana Barnhart, sold to Leonard Bradley, Jr. and Reegana Bradley, Ketchum, B4 PT L4, $5.25

Lawrence L. and Kristine M. Forcum, sold to David Francis Cowan and Laura Elaine Bearden, S2 T20N R20E, $6.75

Daniel O. Fleming, sold to Amanda and Nathan Monk and Angela and Aaron Troyer, S2&3 T10N R20E

Nicholas and Sherri Denise Neitzke and Larray and Dana Barnhart, sold to Ralph Richard and Gayle E. Lester, Ketchum, B4 PT L4, $5.25

Terry Noel Gardner, sold to Terry Noel Gardner and Elisha N. Keyes, Disney B16 L1

William L. and Renee L. Wilsie, sold to Linda Mae Moore, S9 T20N R20E

Don and Peggy Sullivan, sold to Darrell and Shirley Bailey, S16 T10N R20E, $157.50

Charles R. and Malinda L. Palmer, sold to Steven P. Hester, S18 T21N R19E, $163.50

Kenneth and Melinda Langston, sold to Kristy Hill and Carl Langston, S31 T23N R20E, $460.50

John and Betty Jean Mines, sold to John E. Mines, S33 T21N R18E

Marylin Faye Crisp and Vera Neal and L. D. Smith, sold to Sherrie Lynn Crisp Neighbors, Gore B2 L5 PT L6

Nicholas and Sherri Denise Neitzke and Larry and Dana Barnhart, sold to Jeffrey L. Frederick, Ketchum B4 PT L4, $5.25

Roger and Annette Ackley, sold to Kimberley Mae Bobb, S18 T22N R20E

Lou Etta C. Robinson, sold to Donald W. and Cora A. Kincade, S17 T23N R21E, $274.50

Nicholas and Sherri Denise Neitzke and Larry and Dana Barnhart, sold to Jeffrey M. and Heather D. Ronsse, Ketchum, B4 PT L4, $5.25

Billie B. Sigmon, sold to Rex W. Sigmon, Langley B21 L4-9

L.D. Bruce, Jr. and Diana J. Bruce, sold to Richard S. and Chris K. Jones, S11 T22N R21E, $60

Dennis D. and Robin L. Delozier, sold to Sidney Glade Kemper, Benge Creek B1 L3, $120

Charles Thomas and Marilyn R. Sparks, sold to Todd Charles and Megan Rachelle Sparks, C E Sparks JR B2 L5

Rita Sue Tiger, sold to Bobby Mouse, Locust Grove B34 L6-9

Nicholas and Sherri Denise Neitzke and Larry and Dana Barnhart, sold to Anthony and Janet Cook, Ketchum, B4 PT L4, $5.25

Travis C. and Jamie M. Wheeler, sold to Travis C. and Jamie M. Wheeler, Brass Field EST 2nd Amend B3 L5

William J. and Nancy J. Bolich, sold to William J. and Nancy J. Bolich and Debra J. Webster, Indian Springs (B4-6) B4 L44

Jeanetta Rainwater, sold to Jeremy J. and Shannon Lacoe, S33 T23N R20E, $52.50

Peggy S. Toops, sold to Thomas N. Toops, Sr., S17 T19N R19E

John M. Cegielski, Jr and Carolyn S. Cegielski, sold to Timothy J. ans Mary E. Whelan, Elm Grove Acres L7, $337.50

Carolyn S. Jones, sold to Melissa Dawn Vermillion Gable and Melinda Leeann Jones Bridges, S5 T19N R19E

Harold W. Harlow, sold to Harold W. and Donald H. Harlow, Sunnyslope acres L9

Josephine Black, sold to Ricky J. and Michael G. Black, Sr., Lori M. McClellan and Linda K. Eslinger, S4 T21N R20E

Harland Coble, sold to Sandy Sewell, Lakeside Cabin Sites B”D” L3, $0.75

April L. Nusz, sold to Kirk W. Nusz, S9 T21N R19E