The Pryor Times

February 16, 2008

court report 2/17

District court

These records are supplied

weekly by the Mayes County Court Clerk’s office.


Aaron Daniel Baker, 35, Pryor and Tammy Pauline Rogers, 32, Pryor

Buck Duane Hunt, 80, McAlester and Bonnie Ann Shaw, 76, Tahlina

Jeffrey D. Weber, 38, Pryor and Sarah Marquies Polk, 34, Pryor

Jerry Wayne Lane, 25, Salina and Samantha Dean Spiker, 21, Salina

Ray Austin Sanders, 18, Salina and Brooke Evelyn Bales, 18, Salina

George Vernon Conn, 40, Pryor and Paula Lynn Gaines, 39, Pryor


Grady Rainwater vs Donna Rainwater

Daniel L. Proctor vs Mary E. Proctor

Michael Bostick vs Debbie Ann Bostick

Leah June Potter vs Jeremy Michael Potter

Ricky Dale Phillippe vw Kara N. Phillippe

Toni Sutton vs Clint Sutton

Rodney Wade Raper vs Shelly D. Raper


Ivan L. Pace, Linda Pace vs Salina Trucking Inc., Juan Tijerina, Lincoln General Insurance Co., negligence

GMAC Mortgage LLC. vs Paul T. Dodson, unknown spouse if any, unknown tenant if any, foreclosure

Capital One Bank vs Morgan Robert, indebtedness

Ladd’s Anytime Plumbing and Drain vs Deana Osborn, judgement

LVNV Funding LLC. vs Alvin J. Shatto, indebtedness

LVNV Funding LLC. vs Janet G. Bickel, indebtedness

CACH LLC. vs Charles Jones, indebtedness

CACH LLC. vs Shirley Lane, judgement

CACH LLC. vs David L. Price, judgement

Credit Bureau Services Association vs Richard Pursley, Joyce M. Pursley, indebtedness


Lakeside Bank of Salina vs. Charles R. Edwards, defendant fails to appear, bond set at total amount owed, cash only

Norma J. Berkey vs. Lester Miller, defendant agrees to pay $500 a month beginning Feb. 25 monthly until paid

David A. Jackson vs. Paula Trent, case dismissed

Century National Bank of Oklahoma vs. Todd Hagar, defendants agree to pay $100 a month beginning today and monthly until paid

Mayes County Federal Credit Union vs. Classa Sowers, judgment to the plaintiff for $2,358.06 plus court costs of $156 and $50 service fees

Mayes County Federal Credit Union vs. Jeff A. Graffenstein, default judgment to the plaintiff for $2,213.15 plus court costs of $156 and $50 service fees

National Quick Cash No. 1200 vs. Cory L. Stanley, defendant not served

Ball Construction Inc. vs. Dewayne Anderson, default judgment to the plaintiff for $405 plus court costs of $53 and $50 service fees.

Lakeside Bank of Salina vs. Brittany Ann Stewart, defendant not served

Turner’s LP Gas vs. Margret Crawford, default judgment to the plaintiff for $641.40 plus court costs of $53 and $35 service fees.

Continental Credit vs. Debra Wilcox, case dismissed

C.W. Ingram vs. Renae James, default judgment to the plaintiff for possession of property plus court costs of $53 and $50 service fees

C.W. Ingram vs. Timothy Scott Harridge, judgment to the plaintiff for $500 minus $300 for deposit, leaving a judgment of $200 plus court costs of $53 and $50 service fee and possession of property.

Billy Tugmon vs. Debbie Bostic, default judgment to the plaintiff for $3,392 plus court costs of $91 and $60 service fees and possession of property.


Gary Edward Ross, public


Cheryl Ann Copeland, public intoxication

Jason Wayne Williams, domestic assault and battery

Debra Lee Smith, domestic assault and battery, public intoxication

Steven Brad Potter, domestic assault and battery, public intoxication, possession of drug paraphernalia

Michael Leroy Baker, driving under the influence-alcohol, driving under suspension

Michael J. Rosenheim, posssession of controlled substance-marijuana, possession of drug


Robert Ross Ray, driving under the influence-alcohol

Michael J. Fryar, driving under the influence-drugs, driving left of center, driving without a driver’s license, defective vehicle

Aleta Faye Carver, driving under the influence-alcohol, failure to yield, transporting open container-beer, possession of paraphernalia

Daniel Allan Lord, petit larceny

Thomas Joseph Turtle, driving under the influence-drugs,

failure to wear seat belt

L.D. Marney alias Larkin Don Marney, petit larceny

Cody Rau Burnett, petit larceny


Andy Menno Swartzentruber, injury to minor child

Brittin Marc Stevens alias Marc Brittin Stevens, aggravated assault and battery

Barry Brent Walker, possession of firearm AFCF

Ronald Joe Hicks, false declaration to pawnbroker

Terrence Jay Hughes, unauthorized use of motor vehicle

Russel Shane Bargas, grand larceny

City court

These records are supplied weekly by the Municipal Court Clerk’s office.

Don Ray Cox Jr., no license, $119

Christina G. Replogle, no seatbelt, $20

Christopher Alvin Cooper, no license, $119

Christopher Alvin Cooper, no insurance or certificate, $119

Amy Lynne Brixey, operation on invalid license, $479

James Herron, accidents, duty to stop, $144

Carolyn Renee Edkin, pubilc intoxication, $204

Rodney James, operation on invalid license, $479

Steven Michael Muns, possession of marijuana, $579

Steven Michael Muns, carrying weapons, $579

Steven Michael Muns, public intoxication, $204

Steven Michael Muns, possession of paraphernalia, $579

Thomas Joe Webber, driver’s license required, $194

Thomas Joe Webber, under

influence of alcohol, $579

Pablo A. Monroig, speeding, 1-10 miles over, $64

Pat Boone Mote, under influence of alcohol, $579

Pat Boone Mote, traffic lanes, $129

Pat Boone Mote, transporting open container, $179

Linda Lou Deslauriers, transporting open container, $144

Larry D. Fleming, speeding over 10 mph, $88

Larry D. Fleming, approach of emergency vehicles, $94

Helen E. Bogle, speeding over 10 mph, $128



The following warranty deeds were recently filed in the Mayes County Clerk's Office.

Property owners are assessed a document fee of $1.50 per $1,000 of purchase price.

Hubert Crews, Patricia I Crews sold to Mayes County Hospitality Authority, Whitaker B26A PT L1-3, $90

David Langton, Sondra Langton sold to Gina L. Scroggins, Terry W. Scroggins, S31 T22N R19E, $633.75

Terry W. Scroggins, Gina L. Scroggins sold to John T. Weaver, Cynthia D. Weaver, S32 T21N R19E, $150

Leon Callison, Judi L. Callison sold to David Langton Sr., Sondra Langton, S4 T21N R19E, $562.50

Phyllis R. Hedrick sold to Kenneth Mustain, Carol Mustain, S8 T21N R20E, $90

Wendell Richards sold to Renaissance Construction Co., Grottos B1 L3, $262.50

Grand Isle sold to Johnny Lee Rogers, Joyie M. Rogers, S23 T23N R20E, $57

Bank of Locust Grove sold to Mary Alice Holcomb, S25 T20N R18E / Chouteau B10 PT L1-2, $33.75

Harold Dunham, Harriet Dunham sold to Jeff Moua, Khou Moua, S34 T22N R19E, $24.75

Bobby D. Replogle, Cindy L. Replogle sold to Trae L. Replogle, Christina G. Replogle, Pleasant Acres B1 L3, $48.75

Lakehurst Corporation sold to James E. Bloom, Suzanne Bloom, Grand Lake Towne No. 4 L22, $66