The Pryor Times

June 6, 2013

Drug raid on Adair Street

Staff Writer
Cydney Baron

— At 5:14 p.m. Tuesday, Mayes County Sheriff's Deputies and federal Homeland Security agents raided Fun Stuff.

Fun Stuff, advertised as a novelty store, is located on Adair Street in Pryor.

Deputies assisted in executing a federal search warrant, which netted four pounds of synthetic marijuana.

The particular strand of the substance was not released, but officials said it was illegal to sell regardless of the use.

Two arrests were made and the individuals were taken into custody by Homeland Security to appear in federal court.

While the particulars of the case cannot be released, officials did say the case became federal because of the delivery. Potentially, two vehicles may be seized.

As the case is still evolving, it is not clear what sort of charges are anticipated but the individuals are not appearing in Mayes County courts.

The delivery and transportation of the substance alerted Homeland Security agents to the store, while the sheriff's office had been tipped off by local citizens who saw the product sold in the store.

“We're not just cops, we're parents,” said Capt. Rod Howell of the sheriff's office. “It's our responsibility to get it off our streets. This stuff is worse than people think.”

Howell said synthetic marijuana is an unregulated mixture of chemical ingredients and the exact recipe is constantly changing in attempt to get around the law. The concoction causes hallucinations, seizures, strokes, violent mood swings, blood clots and sometimes death.

“We've all seen it on the news. It's been a huge problem everywhere,” said Howell. “It's become a problem in Mayes County. It hurts people and we want it off our streets.”

The sheriff's office and Homeland Security agents agree synthetic marijuana is easily accessible.

The shop is under scrutiny for reports underage people were allowed inside. Due to the nature of the merchandise sold, customers are supposed to show identification at the door to ensure that no one under age 18 enters.