December 10, 2013

Children removed from filthy conditions

December 10, 2013 Staff Writer Cydney Baron

PRYOR, OK — Officials braved the deteriorating weather to issue a search warrant on a couple living in deplorable conditions.

Thursday, at 7 p.m., Marshall Jones and Kayla Powell were taken into custody after a search warrant revealed “horrendous living conditions,” according to officer Jim Ward of the Oklahoma Bureau of Narcotics.

Jones, 43, and Powell, 30, live in Chouteau. The warrant was issued by the OBN, assisted by the Mayes County Sheriff's Office.

Ward's statement describes the trailer as containing a large amount of dog feces and the “overwhelming odor of urine.

“Clothing and trash was piled on the floor throughout the house, only leaving a small path for travel. Live and dead roaches were found throughout the trailer as well,” Ward wrote in the probable cause affidavit.

“The children's rooms were heavily saturated in feces and urine. Throughout the trailer was chicken feces from a free-roaming indoor chicken,” Ward's statement continues.

He describes seeing cat feces in one child's bed as well as exposed electrical wiring freely hanging, unprotected from contact, in one of the children's bedrooms. During execution of the search warrant, officers located multiple smoking devices used in the ingesting of marijuana, which were easily accessible to the children. Marijuana was found in the trailer within easy reach of the children.

“Both subjects admitted to openly smoking marijuana in the presence of the children whose ages are four, six and 15. The children were taken into protective custody by the Department of Human Services.

Powell's Facebook page lists the couple as having been engaged since 2005. Her page also lists her work as “full time mommy” since 2006. Her page includes several posts regarding marijuana as well as numerous pictures of chickens.

The two were taken into custody of the Mayes County Jail and appeared from there for their initial court appearance Friday. Judge Rebecca Gore found probable cause to detain the couple and set their bond at $100,000 each. Arraignment was set for Dec. 11. The state has until then to file formal charges.


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