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September 28, 2012

Court Records 09.30


Civil Suits

Amy Weis v Sunrise Medical US LLC, auto negligence

Credit Acceptance Corporation v William Ward, breah agreement/contract

Credit Acceptance Corporation v Tuxie Peoples, breach agreement/contract

Century Bank of Oklahoma v RKO, Inc, foreclosure

HSBC Bank USA v Joe Parris, foreclosure

JP Morgan Chase Bank N A FKA v Diana Fleak, foreclosure

First United Bank and Trust Co v Wendie Shelton, foreclosure

Springleaf Financial Serv Inc v Eddie Palmer, indebtedness

Cavalry SPV I v Dennis Phillips, indebtedness

Unifund CCR LLC v Russell E. White, indebtedness

Beverly Douglas v Roberta Hill, negligence

United Financial Casualty Comp v Solae, LLC, negligence

AHS Claremore Reg Hosp LLC v Sandra K. Runnells, suit on account

AHS Claremore Reg Hosp LLC v Yvette M. Wolf, suit on account


Michael Christopher Davis and Kathleen M. Mills

Jacob Lee White and Meloni Alane Brogden

Taylor David Ray Ward and Beatrice Sue Hicks

Houston Wayne Brittian and Jennifer Michelle Flory

Kevin Alan Kvittum and Kimberly Kay Blake

Jeffrey Lyn Suniga and Patricia Lorene Kermode

Danny Robert John Stewart and Amber Louise Thomas

Michael James Glossic and Rhonda Gayle Loyd


Carolyn Sue Gann and Charles Edgar Gann

Pasquale Rossino and Amber Diane Rossino

Casey Joe Maddoux and Sarah Maddoux

Tanya Kingfisher and Erick Kingfisher

Bobbie Malea Hayes and Mark Wayne Hayes

Leroy Ragsdale and Mary Ragsdale

City Court

The following court records are supplied weekly by the Pryor Municipal Court Clerk’s Office.

Sondra Kay Langton, backing limitations, $99

Sean Michael O’Higgins, state vehicle license, $124

Amie Rene Parsons, speding over 10 mph, $85

Crystal Dawn Mack, speeding 1-10 mph, $170

Larry Udell Young, Jr., minor in possession of intox beverage, $199

Larry Udell Young, Jr., delinq to minor contribute, $549

Courtney Lynn Walters, minor in possession of intox beverage, $199

Brian Anthony Navratil, careful and prudent driving, $149

Brian Anthony Navratil, drivers license - possession required, $199

Robert Dean Lowe, resisting officer, $549

Jenny Nicholle Layton, operation on invalid license, $449

John Ray Hicks, accidents, duty to stop, $149

Shanna Renea Harper, possession of paraphernalia, $549

James Victor Raymond, insurance or certificate required, $124

James Victor Raymond, operaton on invalid license, $449

Nina Marie Yanez, speeding in school zone, $173

Hunter Wayne White, careful and prudent driving, $149

Lixin Li, speeding in school zone, $195

Dollie Jane Sharp, speeding in school zone, $179

Ronald William Roberts, Jr., speeding in school zone, $171

Ronald William Roberts, Jr., seatbelts, $25

Huston Corley Weir, speeding over 10 mph, $101

Edward DeWayne York, minor in possession of intox beverage, $199

Jeremy Scott Stephens, speeding over 10 mph, $69

Heather Denise Wamego, failure to obey traffic control device, $124

Heather Denise Wamego, state vehicle license, $124

Shannon Cody Maxwell, speeding over 10 mph, $93

Scotty DeWayne Carter, insurance or certificate required, $124

Kenneth Duane Speer, speeding over 10 mph, $89

Clint Eugene Cross, speeding 1-10 miles over, $69

Leslie Marie McGriff, speeding over 10 mph, $157

Christopher Lee Hicks, speeding 1-10 miles over, $69

Jolene Nichole Byous, handicapped parking, $99

Gregory Paul West, Jr., speeding in school zone, $195

Joe William Treadwell, speeding in school zone, $173

Kalin Ryan Kaul, speeding in school zone, $177

Linda Sue Zeigler, speeding over 10 mph, $101

William Scott Patenaude, insurance or certificate required, $124

Walter John Lee Foster, failure to obey traffic control device, $124

TJ Colt Smith, seatbelts, child restraints, $25

Wesley Allan McCoy, careful and prudent driving, $149

Wesley Allan McCoy, speeding 1-10 miles over, $69

Contessa Ann Sorum, speeding over 10 mph, $97

Sabrina Delyte Meredith, petit larceny, $549

Cherie Celeste Meredith, petit larceny, $549

James Monroe Tyson, public intoxication, $174

Megan Dinorah Gibson, state vehicle license, $124

Megan Dinorah Gibson, failure to obey traffic control device, $124

Dustin Lee Moore, speeding 1-10 miles over, $69

Logan Wayne Head, speeding over 10 mph, $93

Travis Lloyd James, insurance or certificate required, $124

Connie Sue Copeland, state vehicle license, $124

Jay Levin Hinyub, time and attention required, $149

Jay Levin Hinyup, approach of emergency vehicles, $49

Shawnda Renee Littledave, public intoxication, $174

Shawnda Renee Littledave, public intoxication, $174

Shawnda Renee Littledave, reisting officer, $549

Timothy Larry Mahurin, failure to obey traffic control device, $124

Rodney Dean Bristow, Jr., speeding 1-10 miles over, $69

Donaco Anthony Watts, changing lanes, $149

Donaco Anthony Watts, operation on invalid license, $449

Maryhelen Elizabeth Sampson, speeding over 10 mph, $89

Kimberly Ellien Sowers, speeding 1-10 mph, $69

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Crimes and courts