September 28, 2012

Court Records 09.30

September 28, 2012


Property Transfers

The following warranty deeds were filed in the Mayes County Clerk’s Office.

Property owners are assessed a document fee of $1,50 per $1,000 of the purchase price.

Walter D. Haskins, sold to Brad and Cindy David, S26 T19N R19E

Crystal D. and Michael S. Lincoln, sold to Luke E. and Leann Thompson, S24 T20N R20E

Chris A. and Pam Elliott, sold to Philp J. and Velta Simpson, S8 T19N R20E

Darrell O. and Carolyn A. Williams, sold to Carl E. and Erna Dee Rogers, Spring Park #2 B2 L2, $1.50

Johnathan D. Greaney, sold to Eilene A. Vaiianueva, S21 T19N R19E

Billie Janne Cunningham and Denise Lynn White, sold to Brittany Lynn Gillespie and Dustin J. Starr, S11 T23N R18E

Bob G. and Ruth A. Sanderson, sold to Joshua W. Martin, S16 T23N R20E

Travis H. and Karrin Sims, sold to Robert G. and Claydean Thornton, S33 T20N R20E, $180

Andrew R. and Melissa Briggeman, sold to Ralph R. and Gale E. Lester, S2 T23N R21E, $360

Crystal D. and Michael S. Lincoln, sold to Luke E. and Leann Thompson, S24 T20N R20E, $119.25

Michael S. Lincoln, sold to Crystal D. Lincoln, S24 T20N R20E

Joseph Scott Noland, sold to Glen Earl Troyer, S30 T19N R18E, $70.50

Welsey and Cindy Gay, sold to Eddie R. and Sheryl F. Peters, S8 T22N R20E, $46.50

Brenda D. and John Odle, sold to Yvonne Kliner and Katrina Threlkeld, Sportsmen Acres 1ST B3 L10, $56.25

Mark A. and Katie M. Ross, sold to Larry and Patsy A. Eby, Adair B21 L16, $112.50

Sondy R. and Robert Locke, sold to Phil L. and Debra L. Snodgrass, Point View L207, $327

Donna Sue Koelsch, sold to Deana Jenkins and Murell Jackson, Markham Ferry HTS #2 B5 L1-4

Marty G., Waren and Donna Adams, sold to Lee R. and Wauhillau Adams, S23 T20N R20E

Kenneth H. and Marcia L. Burrow, sold to Gerald and Edith Hearn, Burrow L4, $19.50

Sammye Miksell, sold to Brady and Alma M. Crawford, Pryor Creek B31 PT L13, $74.25

John A. and Brenda D. Odle, sold to John A. and Brenda D. Odle, S33 T22N R20E

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