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August 25, 2013

Two charged with possession of stolen vehicles

The day after his arrest by Pryor Police Department, 18-year old Randy McDonald appeared in Mayes County District Court for his arraignment.

He appeared before Judge Rebecca Gore who explained has had both felony and misdemeanor charges. Gore informed McDonald that possession of a stolen vehicle can carry up to five years in the Oklahoma Department of Corrections and obstructing an officer and eluding an officer carry up to one year each.

McDonald was spotted by a Pryor Police Officer Wednesday in a vehicle reported stolen from Claremore. Upon seeing the officer, McDonald exited the vehicle and began to run. He was caught in the parking lot of Homeland grocery store. McDonald was ordered to appear in court Oct.10, with an attorney, for the preliminary hearing sounding docket. Per the state's recommendation, bond was set at $15,000.

Gary Pino was arraigned the same day and was also charged with possession of a stolen vehicle and eluding an officer.

“You are charged with possession of a 2011 white Dodge truck that was pulling a trailer, stolen from Rod Cook,” said Gore. “It is alleged that you then attempted to elude officer Leroy Lynam on Highway 69 by refusing to stop despite receiving visual and auditory warning.”

Gore had to ask Pino to remain silent multiple times while she attempted to read his charges. Gore continued his case to the preliminary hearing sounding docket Oct. 10. She attempted to tell Pino that he would need to have an attorney present, but he began talking. He asked if he could enter a plea now. Gore told him he needed to have an attorney present and Pino walked away, leaving the video conferencing. Once he was called back, Gore attempted to tell him his bond amount. Per the state's recommendation bond was set at $12,000.

“No, no, no bond, nothing, not gonna pay it,” Pino interjected.

Gore confirmed that he had heard the amount and Pino was dismissed.

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Crimes and courts