The Pryor Times

August 25, 2013

Court Records 9/1/13

— District court

The following court records are supplied weekly by the Mayes County Court Clerk's Office.


Kory Garent Langford, trafficking in illegal drugs

Laurin Justine Lemley, escape from county jail

Randy Alex McDonald, possession of stolen vehicle

Gary Eugene Pino, possession of stolen vehicle

William Lee Shepard, second degree burglary

Justin Paul Summers, possession of controlled dangerous substance with intent to distribute


Steven Ray Arnold, driving while impaired

Josphine Wynee Guevara, aiding/abetting minor in need of supervision

Seth Leon Knight, possession of a controlled dangerous substance

Richard George Mitchell, trespassing after being forbidden

Carl Frances Roberts, interference with emergency telephone call

Matthew Douglas Schweffermann, possession of controlled dangerous substance

Jesse Duane Ward, public intoxication

Civil Cases

Autovest LLC vs. Christopher Glenn Odell, breach of contract

Autovest LLC vs. Deann M. Dehart, breach of contract

Autovest LLC vs. Steven A. Stout, breach of contract

Monica Flynn vs. Kacey Lane Bright, auto negligence

Discover Bank vs. Luevon K. Keith, breach agreement/contract

Tinker Federal Credit Union vs. GH Auto Repair, indebtedness

Haleys Village vs. Anna Reagh, forcible entry and detainer

Midland Funding LLC vs. Twyla Malaefoou, indebtedness

Troy Capital LLC. Kelly Nicholas, indebtedness

Twin Villa Apts vs. Jennell Spoonemore, forcible entry and detainer

Divorces filed

Marlene Gomez vs. Casimiro Gomez

Karen Ann Goodwin vs. Larry Dean Goodwin

Sheldon Dwayne Hamilton vs. Cheyenne Hamilton

Nicolette Ousen vs. Kristen Scott Ousen

Toni Rice vs. Gregory R. Rice

Brian Walters vs. Angela Walters

Roger Louis Carpenter vs. Scarlett Rene Carpenter

Shelley Lynn Dodson vs. Steven Travis Dodson

Marriage licenses

Michael Wayne Bailey and Rebecca Lynn Bass

Gilberto Ann Dominguez and Julie Ann Bannister

James Monroe Tyson and Celeste Maria Moore

Jon Landrum Scrapper and Lisa Marie Scrapper

City Court

The following court records are supplied weekly by the Pryor Municipal Court clerk's Office.

Enrique L. Martinez, trespass prohibited, $99

Barbara Louise Kvittum, seatbelts, $25

Sherry Diane Tuell, speeding in school zone, $169

William Orville Hawkins, speeding over 10 mph, $117

Veronica Flame Trujillo, speeding in school zone, $89

Brian Scott Bradley, T.O.C (to have in possession), $149, failure to obey traffic control device, $124

Carol Lynn Robinson, turning left at intersection, $99

Hunter Wayne White, speeding over 10 mph, $121

John E. Eckenberger, speeding over 10 mph, $101

Kilee Nacole Russell, speeding 1-1- miles over, $69

Susan Nicole Bettencourt, public intoxication, $174

Benjamin Joseph Schenc, possession of paraphernalia, $549

Cody Lynn Sitsler, speeding 1-10 miles over, $69

Robby Dean Harvey, failure to appear, $209

Manuel Gentr Jr., defective equipment, $109

Andrea Michelle Campbell, failure to appear, $209

Marcus Dale Glass, dangerous or vicious animals, $199

Keith Bryan Lacy failure to appear, $209

Shawna Lynn Seely, operation on invalid license, $449

Michael Dwyne Bristol, operation on invalid license, $449

Kelly Rae Hutto, operation on invalid license, $449

Austin Lee McDown, public intoxication, $174

Property transfers

The following warranty deeds were filed in the Mayes County Clerk’s Office. Property owners are assessed a document fee of $1.50 per $1,000 of the purchase price.

R.W. Spencer Jr. and Jennifer Spencer transferred to Lynn Mac L=King and Camilla Lynn King, Belmont Replat B2 PT L3,4, $187.50

Virjayma and Les Mathena transferred to Revelie Wilson and Jimmy Wilson Sr., S18 T23N R21E, $67.50

Kevin Lawrence and Carol Lawrence-Fisher transferred to Kevin Lawrence and Carol Fisher-Lawrence, S11 T20N R20E

Daniel J. Watlington transferred to Daniel J. Watlington, S25 T21N R2E

Robin L. Davito transferred to William W. Davito, Colony Cover Unit 23

Timothy Ryan Thompson and Amanda Lucille Thompson transferred to David. G. Zoller, S7 T21N R20E, $45

Ethan Tate Campbell transferred to Michael Staton and Julie Staton, S24 T21N R20E, $1.50

Terri Renee McCauley and Clint McCauley transferred to Jess Brown and Linda Brown, Airport North B3 L7, $13.50

Marshall McKinney and Rita McKinney transferred to Scott N. Oliver and Halli D. Rosamond-Oliver, Chupp B1 L5, $163.50

Jamie R. Stevenson and Kelly D. Stevenson transferred to Kerry J. Sharp, Flood B1 L12 PT L11, $120

Georgia Marie Gambill transferred to Charles Richard Gambill, S31 T21N R20E

Georgia Marie Gambill transferred to Charles Richard Gambill, S31 T21N R20E

Georgia Marie Gambill transferred to Charles Richard Gambill,S32 T21N R19E

Phyllis R. Hedrick transferred to Kenneth Mustain and Carol Mustain, S8 T21N R20E, $47,775

Roger Couch transferred to Perry Barker, Disney B12 L1-3, $4.50

Zelma L. Phillips and Kenneth D. Phillips transferred to Michael D. Propst and Shirley F. Propst, S25 T20N R20E

Connie Moore transferred to Joyce Mosby and Floyd Hall, Carlton B7 L4,5, $1.50

Gregory Rosamond transferred to Hallie D. Rosamond-Oliver, Knight B2 L17

Hallie D. Rosamond-Oliver and Scott N. Oliver transferred to Dane Hugley, Knight B2 L17, $90

Dana Jo May, W. Casper May, T.J. Wilhelm and Vicki Wilhelm transferred to Dana Jo May and W. Casper May, S20 T23N R20E

John Michael Goodnight and Lori Lynn Goodnight transferred to Kevin Scot Goodnight, Oak Ridge Hts L0-21

Donny Ray Jordan transfered to John A. and Marianne Zimola, S31 T22N R18E, $150

Nancy Ann Weems transferred to Loyd and Mary Arthur, S3 T21N R19E

Clarence Earl Wilson and Linda Ruth Wilson transferred to Scott Allan Dawes and Julie Marie Dawes, S4 T22N R21E

Jack Wilson and Connie Wilson transferred to Scott Allan Dawes and Julie Marie Dawes, S4 T22N R21E

Todd Nutt and Susan Nutt transferred to Sanders Barnes and Carol Barnes, Spring Park #2 B2 L14-19, $15

Emmet O. Boyd and Gary D. Boyd transferred to Gary D. Boyd, Disney B3 L6-10,12, 69,70,72, $7.50

Dusty Lee Rogers transferred to Erma Lee Rogers, S4 T20N R21E

Debbie Joann Stone transferred to Stephen E. Dundgren and Jacqueline A. Sundgren, Sportsman Shores B9 L3