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February 20, 2014

Alledged murderer remains in jail two years

PRYOR, OK — Jason Miller is still in Mayes County Jail two years after being charged with murder.

Miller was arrested Feb. 16, 2012, and charged with the first degree murder of William “Lonnie” Brizendine, 43, Rose and Ronald Orear, 49, Locust Grove. Two years later, he was scheduled to appear on the felony jury sounding docket in Mayes County District Court before Judge Terry McBride. At the hearing Monday, the case was continued yet again. The case is now set on the felony jury sounding docket June 16.

Miller, who turned 37 in a Mayes County Jail cell last month, is being held without bond.

Miller’s residence is located on Highway 412 east of Locust Grove, He reportedly called the LG Police around 5 a.m to say he had “killed people in his home.”

Officer Chad Nave, who is now with the Chouteau Police Department, arrived on scene and was told by Miller he had “killed Lonnie and Ronnie because he thought they was going to steal something from him.”

Miller told the officer his friends had come to his house and around 4:30 a.m Lonnie had gone to the kitchen to cook some fry bread when, without preamble, Orear grabbed him and threatened to kill him.

“Miller stated he grabbed an AR 15 rifle and fired two shots at Ronnie,” according to the probable cause affidavit filed in the case. Miller allegedly said he then fired one shot at Brizendine.

When asked why he fired two shots at Orear and only one at Brizendine, the defendant reportedly said, “I only had three bullets.”

The shot did not kill Brizendine, according to Miller, who described the altercation that followed.

“Miller said that Lonnie started running for the back door and he hit Lonnie with the rifle and knocked him down just as he was getting to the back door. Miller stated that Lonnie was on his stomach on the floor and he (Miller) got on his back and took a knife out of Lonnie's holster and stabbed him three or four times in the throat.”

Assistant District Attorney Marny Hill said the state is seeking life (45 years) in prison though the possibility of parole is being negotiated. The state did not file a bill of particular alleging an aggravator (heinous, atrocious, cruel), therefore the possibility of the death sentence was eliminated.

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Crimes and courts