The Pryor Times

August 7, 2013

08/04/2013 Court Records

District Court

The following court records are supplied weekly by the Mayes County Court Clerk's Office.


Anthony Wayne Pearce, possession of stolen copper

Jessica Renee Kenyon, burglary, second degree

Matthew Mark Crabtree, driving under the influence of alcohol (AFCF)

Hillary Denise Holt, driving under the influence of drugs and alcohol  

Michael Ivan Vincent Jr, burglary, second degree (AFCF)


Terrena A. Pahukoa, public intoxication

Larkin Don Marney, larceny of merchandise from a retailer

Demetra M. Matthews, possession of a controlled dangerous substance

Matthew Tyler Kyle, possession of a controlled dangerous substance

Vincent Wayne Kirby, assault and battery

Jason Tyler Ketchum, possession of controlled dangerous substance

Raymond Austin Houchin, domestic assault and battery

Cletus Randall Harris, domestic assault and battery

Roy Lee Anderson, public intoxication

Martin Luther Ballou, public intoxication

Civil Cases

Spring Creek Country BBC Inc. vs Great Southern Corporation, forcible entry and detainer

T&E Enterprises LLC vs. Sandra K. Foley, quiet title

Mike Smith vs. Cameron Sund, forcible entry and detainer

Mike Smith vs. Todd Hagar, forcible entry and detainer

Divorces filed

Regina Donelle McCoy vs. William McCoy II

Tammy Lacinda Wells vs. James A. Mahan

Marriage licenses

Eric Allen Porter and Kaylee Morgan Phipps

Ricky Lee Cole and Debra Kay Miller

Jordan Noel Hurst and Rachel Lynn Horne

Nathan Joel Godard and Stephanie Elizabeth Brown

Timothy Alan Currington and Sonya Renee Gordon

Cody Lynn Sipes and Rami Vachelle Cox

City Court

The following court records are supplied weekly by the Pryor Municipal Court Clerk's Office.   

Wesley Allan McCoy, failure to appear. $209

Michael Ryan Nolan, carrying weapons, $200

Tonya Michelle Hutton, speeding over 10 mph, $93

Matthew Alexander Dick, state vehicle license, $124

Kaleb Lewis Glen Foster, turning movement/signals, $99

Beau C. Thompson, state vehicle license, $124, defective vehicle/equipment, $94, state vehicle license, $124, drivers license possession required, $199

Michael Elijah Stricklin, possession of paraphernalia, $549, carrying weapons, $549

Carol Mae Anderson, speeding 1-10 miles over, $69

Mahlon Joe Yoder, seatbelts/child restraints, $25

Steven Theron Carpenter, failure to appear, $209, speeding over 10 mph, $89

Raul Esquivel, failure to obey traffic control device, $124

Ethan Dale Garner, seatbelts, $25

Sherie Ann Ward, operation on invalid license, $449

Joshua James Coe, drivers license-possession required, $199

Gene Ray Gregoire, seatbelts, $25

Andrew Isadora Ray Jr., operation on invalid license, $449

Emily Sue Duke, drivers license-possession required, $199

Tanna Dawn Etchison, turning movement/signals, $99

John David Hulse, speeding 1-10 miles over, $69

Edward P. Maner, speeding over 10 mph, $81

William D. Bullard, speeding over 10 mph, $117

Property transfers

The following warranty deeds were filed in the Mayes County Court Clerk's Office. Property owners are assessed a document fee of $1.50 per $1,000 of the purchase price.

Robert R. Dardenne transferred to Mindi R. Dardenne, S29 T19N R19E

Kenneth H. and Donna Jolene Biggs transferred to Donna Jolene Biggs, Langley B25  L1-4 (? INT)

Cynthia L. Chance transferred to Donna Sue Cooper, S33 T20N R21E

Kenneth D. and Charlene Simmons transferred to Christopher L. Cogle, Cedar Crest Shores B1 L50

Carol L. Moniux transferred to Christopher L. Cogle, Cedar Crest Shores B1 L50

Christopher L. Cogle transferred to Raymond T. Claggett, Cedar Crest Shores B1 L50

Christopher L. Cogle transferred to Staci Dawn Tune, Cedar Crest Shores B1 L49,50, $100.50

James E. and Amanda G. Parvin transferred to Brent Lewis Wilkerson, S18 T19N R18E, $157.50

David A. and Elizabeth Jackson transferred to Leandra Addison, S6 T21N R18E

Bill and Milean Markle transferred to Carl W. Longmire (?) and Frankie D. Martin (?), South Pryor B5 L3,4, PT L2

Clifford E. and Debra L. Burtner transferrred to Rebecca and Clint Tune, S27 T23N R20E, $30

Vincent L. and Shirley I. Mendoza transferred to Kelly S. and Heather D. Stoops, S12 T22N R20E, $22.50

Bonnie Ward transferred to Bonnie Ward and Christine Hutson, S19 T20N R20E

Neva Ann Kegley transferred to Scott Aaron, Stace Ivan, Joby Shane and Seth Allen Kegley, Williams B1 T L24-25, 28-29

Kimberly J. Kaissling transferred to David Kaissling Cliff Heights B2 L12

Gregory R. and Rhonda K. Casillas transferred to David and Kimberly Kaissling, Cliff Heights B2 L12, $1,117.50

Timothy A. and Linda J. Greene transferred to Richard B. Whistance and Heidi D. Campbell, Hudson Shores B3 L14, 15, $20.25

Lloyd Leon Liston transferred to Rhonda Withers, S14 T20N R21E

John L. Littlefield III transferred to John L Littlefield Jr., and Brenda L. Littlefield, S25 T22N R18E

Jerry and Susan Beggs transferred to Gina L. Soukup, S33 T22N R18E

Gina L. Soukup transferred to Steven Wayne and Angela Marie Castleberry, S33 T22N R18E, $4050

Bob G. and Ruth A. Sanderson transferred to Mary E. Harris, Adair B15 L1-5

Valerie Rae Powell transferred to Valerie Rae Powell and Christopher Hicks, S8 T21N R19E

Melissa A. Shoppell-Kirkpatrick and Michael Shoppell transferred to Del and Paula C. McClung, Southridge 2ND B2 L3, $103.50

Merril L. Tyler transferred to Pascual I and Melissa A. Espinoza, Southridge 2ND B2 L3

Mary Burroughs transferred to Mary L. David D. and Darren S. Burroughs, S27 T23N R21E

Shawn M. Bugbee transferred to Durla K. Alloway, Spring Park B3 L24,25

Durla K. Alloway transferred to Edward Patrick Michels and Brenda Lee Michels, Spring Park B3 L24,25, $15.75