The Pryor Times

January 5, 2014

Court Records 1/5/14

PRYOR, OK — District Court

The following court records are supplied weekly by the Mayes County Court Clerk's Office.


Rachel Orman, false personation of another to create liability (AFCF)

Joshua Paul Hendrex, knowingly concealing stolen property

Deborah Barringer, assault and battery with a dangerous weapon


Dakota Jenkins, possession of paraphernalia

Samantha D. Floyd, resisting an officer

Anthony G. Buscemi, driving with license cancelled/suspended/revoked

Civil Cases

Cach LLC vs. David P. Burrough, indebtedness

Cach LLC vs. Gema Harrison, indebtedness

Housing Authority of the Cherokee Nation vs. Jason Brian Summerfield

Divorces Filed

Ashley Kay Lunk vs. Eric Lunk

Victoria Redden Craig vs. Gage Mitchell Craig

Marriage Licenses

John Timothy Kirby and Robin M. Spoonmore

Brad Allen Duniphin and Kourtney Danielle Littlefield

David Grant Edwards and Terrie Lynn Henson

Roger Alan Price and Christina Dann Frost

City Court

The following court records are supplied weekly by the Pryor Municipal Court Clerk's Office.

Property transfers

The following warranty deeds were filed in the Mayes County Clerk's Office. Property owners are assessed a document fee of $1.50 per $1,000 of the purchase price.

Michael E. Smith transfered to Todd E. and Julie A. Harger, Chouteau Hills B58 PT E/2, $216.75

Willa Jeanette Riley transfered to JEanette Riley, S21 T20j R20E

Robert Lam transfered to Frances Deeann and David Keith Gilliland, Whitaker B29 PT L1,2

Robert and Deloris Lam transfered to Heather R. Neighbors, Whitaker B29PT L1,2, $97.50

Gregory L.Miller and Mary L. Roberts transfered to C.W. Ingram, S13 T19N R20E, $26,500

Emmanuel M. and Minnie E. Yoder transfered to Harvey L. and Arlene C. Yoder, S3 T19N R18E, $112.50

Harvey L. and Arlene C. Yoder transfered to Vernon J. and Carolyn Ann Yoder, S3 T19N R18E, $30

Betty Louise Gilmore transfered to Brian Ray Gilmore, S4 T23N R20E

Jeremy and Gina Baker transfered to Soledad Wang, S33 T23 R20E, $84

Ronald Wade Bennett transfered to Tara Lynn Bennett, S23 T21N R20E

Bill and Marsha Schultz transfered to Eugene Schultz and Sara Genene Dobrinski, S16 T21N R18E

Sondra R. (Sims) Voils transfered to Sondra R. (Sims) Voils and Amanda Bray, Spring Park B2 L3-5

George E. and Irris G. Rex transfered to Jessica T. Taylor, Phyl-Mar B2 PT L4, $96

Garrett L and Mylea L. Ball transfered to Billy L. Scullawl Sr. and Tresma B. Scullawl, S17 T21N R21E

William R. and Joyce E. Bright transfered to William R. and Joyce E.Bright and Kelli Lynn Smith, S4 T21N R21E

Eva J. Rutherford transfered to Jack Dennis and Bonnie Ruth Kerr, S30 and S19 T23N R21E, $447

Matthew Jay and Tania Christine Ward transfered to Matthew Jay and Tania Christine Ward, Sandstone Ridge B2 L18

Leslie and Li Salgado transfered to Nancy Gill, S24 T19N R20E

Darel R. and Betty L. Blakely transfered to Lawrence J. and Cathy A. Petz, Liberty HTS B2 L8,9, $78

John Randolph Carter and Pattie Lauren Agnew transfered to Elena Carrillo and Jo Barnts, S12 T21N R18E, $60

Bryan Lee Ball transfered to Garrett L. and Mylea L. Ball, S18 T21N R21E

Karen Yvonne Friesen transfered to Karen Yvonne Friesen and Ronalda J. Friesen, Hudson Haven L9 of Replat

Gene, Sherry, Lee, Jan, Van and Vicki Ross transfered to Billy Eugene Koelsch, S33 T20N R20E, $60

Justin Haddock transfered to Michael Flint and Janine Kyler, S16 T23N R21E, $105

Benjamin T. Nichols and Sonya Gail Nichols May transfered to Benjamin T. May and Sonya Gail Nichols May, Peirre Chouteau B3 L40

Naomi Lee transfered to Benjamin and Sonya May, S35 T20N R19E, $6

Charles Glenn Lee and Shannon Lee transfered to Benjamin and Sonya May, S35 T20N R19E

Catherina Cora Lee transfered to Benjamin and Sonya May, S35 T20N R19E

Ruby J. Worden transfered to Jesse D. and Holly M. Hardcastle, S26 T20N R18E, $325.50