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June 28, 2014

Victim names husband in shooting case

Pryor Times — Deputies were dispatched to a doublewide trailer on south 425.5 Road, Sunday, with reports of shots being fired in the residence.

Arriving on scene officers found a gray and white double wide trailer, with a porch and awning. Dale Aaron, 60, was standing on the porch, still holding the rifle, when officers arrived.

According to Mayes County Sheriff’s Captain Rod Howell, Aaron called 911 saying, “I shot my wife.”

Inside, officers found the victim, Aaron’s wife, who had numerous gun shot wounds to her body, according to the search warrant.

“He shot me, my husband shot me,” said Aaron of her husband Dale Aaron. The victim was conscious and could communicate with officers despite having been shot at least four times with a .22 caliber rifle.

“At this point the victim is in critical condition. Preliminary reports suggest she was shot four times, though they are saying possibly five times,” said Howell, adding that the victim’s name is not being released at this time in respect of the family’s wishes.

The search warrant yielded one spent projectile and two spent .22 caliber casings located in the northeast bedroom. A box of .22 ammunition was located in the laundry room.

“We cannot speculate on why the incident occurred, we just know it started as a domestic issue,” said Howell, who said no prior criminal record has been found for Aaron.

Aaron was booked into the Mayes County Jail on felony charges of shooting with intent to kill.

When he appeared in Mayes County District Court Monday, his bond was set at $1 million.

He appeared in court via video conferencing from the jail, wearing the jail issued white shirt. He remained straight faced while his rights and charges were read. Aaron seemed un-phased when he was told the charges can carry up to life in prison.

Assistant District Attorney Marny Hill informed the court the victim is in the hospital and it is not known if she will survive the injuries.

Aaron was told if he is able to post the $1 million bond he will not be released without an ankle monitor.

“I have not worked in a few months. I have no means to hire an attorney,” said Aaron in response to the preceding.

Aaron was told he can apply for a court appointed attorney and his case was continued to July 24 at 9:30 for the preliminary hearing sounding docket.

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Crimes and courts