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May 29, 2014

Warrant out for alleged Yeoman’s embezzler

PRYOR, OK — Yeoman's Auto Sales customers paid their bills to an embezzling employee.

At least four customers were scammed by now former Yeoman employee Guy Byrd.

Byrd cashed a check at Check Into Cash for $1,000. The check was made out to Yeoman's from customer Shelly Cowan. Pryor Police Officer Kenny Bennett, in speaking with Sam Yeoman, ascertained that Byrd never had permission to cash company checks. Further, Yeoman never received any money from the check, or any record of the transaction.

Another customer, Kimberly Bollman,  according to the probable cause affidavit, showed Bennett a receipt for a money order issued by Byrd. The money order totaled $600, the amount Bollman said she gave Byrd for payment on a vehicle. Yeoman's had no record of this transaction either.

Rebecca Harper says she purchased a vehicle from Byrd for $1,000, agreeing to pay $300 down and the remaining $700 the following Friday.

“Harper paid the $1,000 to Byrd as agreed and was later told she had to pay $500 more or he would not give her the title and would repossess the vehicle, as he still had a key,” according to Bennet's report in the affidavit.

“I then spoke to Yeoman again, who stated another customer came in to speak to him about the remaining balance being incorrect on his vehicle purchase. Yeoman stated he then realized Byrd had given them credit for the vehicle they traded in but did not list anything about the vehicle in the sales agreement. Byrd then sold the same vehicle to Harper.”

Yeoman said he has no record of the vehicle trade and never received any money associated with the transaction.

Byrd has prior felony charges of grand larceny, bogus checks, embezzlement by bailee, fugitive from justice and obtaining merchandise by bogus check.

Yeoman said Byrd has been terminated since he made discovery of the problem and that Byrd had only worked for the company about six months.

“He’s a real talker. I’ve been in business for 44 years and this man had me feeling sorry for him so I didn’t do a background check,” said Yeoman, who had no knowledge of Byrd’s criminal past. “We found out about this through a customer. We had no idea who he was.”

Once Byrd was confronted about the issue, Yeoman said, he took off and hasn’t returned.

“We absolutely apologize to anyone and everyone he created a problem for,” said Yeoman, who is working with the wronged customers to correct the errors. “This is not how we do business, you don’t stay in business for 44 years doing business that way.”

A warrant has been issued Byrd's arrest as he is being charged with two felony counts of embezzlement. Bond on the warrant is $10,000.

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