May 24, 2014

Meth cooks caught in the act

May 24, 2014 Staff Writer Cydney Baron

PRYOR, OK — Pryor Police made an arrest during an active meth cook.

Officers were dispatched to apartment 13 at Brown Place Apartments, Pryor, on a report of a possible methamphetamine lab.

Sgt. James Blower, Detective James Willyard and Patrolman Trent Humphrey approached the apartment, smelling chemicals associated with a meth lab coming from the residence.

Humphrey, according to the probable cause affidavit, found a jar with a liquid that was smoking, with a strong chemical smell.

Kevin Neff, 42, and Sherry Anderlohr, 52,  were placed outside the apartment for their own safety.

Willyard searched the residence and found what appeared to be a meth generator in the bathroom, and lithium battery package and starter fluid in the trash.

A search warrant served on the residence and officers found crystal drain opener under the kitchen sink, plastic tubing beside the refrigerator, starter fluid and coleman fuel in the bedroom closet, plastic tubing in the bathroom, drain cleaner and cold packs under the bathroom sink, a used HCL generator under the bathroom sink, lithium batteries and an active reaction vessel behind a wall in the bathroom.

In addition, officers found empty pseudoephedrine boxes, empty cold pill boxes, coffee filters with a powder substance in the trash and coffee filters with a white substance in the air conditioner.

Both Neff and Anderlohr were taken to the Mayes County Jail and have been charged with manufacturing and possession of a controlled dangerous substance with intent to manufacture, a felony.

In addition, Anderlohr is charged with a felony count of bringing contraband, a pipe, into jail.

Both appeared in Mayes County District Court Thursday afternoon where they were told their felony count can carry from 14 years to life in prison as they both have prior felony convictions.

“They were actively cooking, things were bubbling and spewing when law enforcement arrived on scene,” said Assistant District Attorney Marny Hill, “for that reason the state requests bond be set at $200,000 each.”

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