The Pryor Times

December 10, 2013

Man charged with impersonating officer

Staff Writer
Cydney Baron

PRYOR, OK — A Coweta man was charged in Mayes County with impersonating an officer.

Scott Williams Sr., 49, is charged with a felony count of falsely impersonating an officer after being pulled over by the Oklahoma Highway Patrol. According to court records filed in the case, Williams represented himself as a reserve officer for the Coweta Police Department to avoid prosecution.

Judge Rebecca Gore, who presided over arraignments, told the defendant his charges can carry up to five years in prison. His case was continued to the preliminary hearing sounding docket Jan. 9. Bond was set at $2,500.

Assistant District Attorney Marny Hill said there are a few tips for citizens regarding individuals posing as law enforcement.

“If a driver has a question as to whether or not an officer pulling them over is a legitimate law enforcement officer, I have always advised, and heard law enforcement advise, that you slow the vehicle down and turn on your emergency flashers,” Hill suggested. “If the officer pulling you over is a legitimate officer, they will see that you have safety concerns.”

Hill said there is also the option of calling 911, providing your location, and asking if there was a law enforcement officer in the area.

“Typically, before an officer approaches a vehicle they have dispatched their location as well as a description of the vehicle and the tag number. For their safety as well as the safety of the driver,” said Hill.

She said that in the state of Oklahoma all law enforcement officers and emergency responders will have red and blue flashing lights outfitted to their vehicle. Occasionally, she said, they will also have white lights, but that there will not be a color other than red or blue.

“We had a case once where an individual was attempting to pull vehicles over, while impersonating an officer. His car was outfitted with red and green flashing lights rather than legal red and blue,” said Hill.

It is illegal for a anyone who is not an emergency responder or law enforcement to have red and blue flashing lights on their vehicle.